Heroes: The Branded King Banner

Summoners got a sneak peek just before the turn of the hour at some new units coming in the tomorrow, in the new banner, The Branded King.

These units will be available in future summoning banners, and will be available indefinitely starting tomorrow night (March 8, 11pm PT). Fans of the Japanese video, click here to watch the Japanese trailer.

Not only did we get a sweet unit trio brought into the fray, featuring two brand new units, but we also got a peek at a new unit (Gerome) and a new weapon type (Colorless Breath). Gerome is identified as a reward for the next Tempest Trials, making him the first green unit that was given out during a Tempest Trial event. What could be coming with the Colorless Breath though, I wonder?

For details on the new unit skills, click Read More.

Morgan (Female), Lass from Afar: A Blue Tome Flier

  • [W] Blàrserpent+ | 12 Mt | 2 Rng
    • Grants Def/Res+6 during combat if foe initiates combat and uses bow, dagger, magic or staff
  • [S] Iceberg
  • [A] Mirror Stance
    • Grants Atk/Res+4 during combat if foe initiates combat
  • [B] Guard 3
  • [C] Atk Ploy 3

Morgan (Male), Lad from Afar: A Red Tome Infantry

  • [W] Grima’s Truth | 14 Mt | 2 Rng
    • Grants Def +3. After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts Atk/Spd-5 on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions, and grants Atk/Spd+5 to unit and alllies within 2 spaces for 1 turn.
  • [S] Dragon Fang
  • [B] Dull Ranged 3
    • If foe uses bow, dagger, magic or staff, neutralizes foe’s bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc) during combat
  • [C] Spur Def/Res 2

Chrom, Knight Exalt : A Sword Cavalry

  • [W] Sealed Falchion | 16 Mt | 1 Rng
    • Effective against all dragon foes. If unit’s HP < 100%, at start of combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 during combat
  • [S] Aether
  • [A] Fury 3
  • [B] Chill Def 3
    • At start of turn, inflicts Def -7 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Def through its next action.
  • [C] Sword Valor 3


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  • Lucas Moraes

    Yep. I’m gonna get poor.
    Also good for them to finally make a flying tome user part of the regular summoning pool. Took long enough

  • dmurr

    I know Morgan is fairly popular but we’re getting Gerome and still don’t have Owain?

    • Kneekicker

      Owain is probably just lower on the priority list since Odin is already in the game, which is likely true for Severa as well. Gerome was fairly popular in his own right back in Awakening so it makes sense he’d be debuting next after the four most popular Awakening kids.

      If I had to guess, Owain and Severa will probably debut with new versions of their respective mothers like Inigo did.

      • dmurr

        It’d be nice if they had a banner with standard versions of Inigo, Owain and Severa as well. They could have the fourth character be any of the other remaining children.

  • Sentinel

    I feel very conflicted on Female Morgan.

    On the Con side, she’s one of my least favorite units in Awakening, mostly because of her personality. On the Pro side, she looks like an interesting unit with a new color tome, plus some pretty adorable artwork not gonna lie.

    • Sisyphe

      Awww that’s too bad. She’s one of my favorite units in Awakening. I love the little space cadet. I’m actually less fond of the cutesy art and base kit. I might even wait to see if her rarity is dropped since I doubt she’ll find a spot in my lineup.

      • Shenai

        I agree on the cutesy art… if only she was green… Red tomes are rarely an issue. And she seems meant to bait mages from what her kit reads like.

        • Sisyphe

          Yeah and now with the data mine, she doesn’t look all that impressive to be honest. I actually think her rarity might drop, and if so, I’ll hope to pick her up then.

          Besides, I went on a spending spree trying to get a Soleil and got carried away. I pulled a 5* Mia, Mathilda, Corrin, and Caeda in 140 orbs, but only one Soleil (-SPD). It was really odd, and disappointing. But I should probably hold on to my remaining orbs for now.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            Hm… my votes are for Male Morgan to be the unit who will be dropped to the 4 Star rank. Female Robin has a serpent tome, which is not a exclusive tome… but she is a 5 skills unit, so I believe she will mantain her 5-stars exclusivite. Male Morgan has a Legendary Tome and Dull Ranged 3, but his B-skill will probably be the one exclusive to 5-stars. Also, Chrom is now the only Falchion user who weapon can’t be refined and weapon doesn’t have Renewal.

          • Sisyphe

            I’m not convinced either will be, but I think the case is stronger for Morgan-F. She just doesn’t look like a very potent unit. Her spread isn’t great and her skills aren’t too rare or even too useful. And they’ll probably want to make the serpent tome more accessible, like they did with Mae and Boey. Morgan-M has a strong legendary tome and a skill that will be in high demand. Plus, he has a very competitive spread. Of course, Morgan-F could be more popular. We’ll see, I guess.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            I don’t know. The Serpent tome is really good. Maybe they will keep as a 5-stars, at least for now. It is the same thing about Rhajat. Rhajat isn’t a awesome unit, but she is a 5-stars exclusive.

          • Sisyphe

            True. Rhajat could probably have her rarity reduced and no one would care too much. I guess they just don’t want distant defense to be more accessible. That or they overestimated how good she’d when we were in the cavalry meta. The serpent tome doesn’t seem that good to me. Why would one use it instead of a Raven tome, which provides more defense on both phases and will check all the colorless types and one type of magic?

          • Diovani Estivalet

            “I guess they just don’t want distant defense to be more accessible.”
            That’s true. Blárserpent has Distant Def 3, even in it’ not + form, and for now Distant Def is exclusive for 5-stars units. Although, Distant Def is a Sacred Seal too.
            A unit with Blárserpent can have Distant Def 9 (Tome + A-skill + Sacred Seal), which is + 18 Def/Res during battle. It would be a great tome for LA! Lyn.

          • Sisyphe

            That is really interesting. I wouldn’t have thought about that build idea. LA!Lyn would be a great choice, though she probably wouldn’t hit too hard without other help. She’s probably the only blue mage right now that would really get a lot out of that though

          • Diovani Estivalet

            Yes, If I have a extra Blárserpent, I would give to her but I would prefer keep the Atk/Spd Bond, which is a amazing skill.

          • Shenai

            Sorry to hear that, I got a nice Soleil as a pity breaker at some point, so not looking for her. I don’t know what to do with all the red swords anyway.

            But I randomly got a neutral 5* Roy from that banner and I really don’t know what to do with him @[email protected]

            oh btw, Raven tales still going on, for some reason I made it to Tier 20 this week, which… I really don’t know how it happened but he does get a high score, I’ll be back where I belong in Tier 19 next week. (and I can report that Galeforce is so good on him)

          • Sisyphe

            Yeah I don’t need her, especially since I pulled that Mia, but she should’ve been easy to pull, and it doesn’t feel good to pull 4 5* units but all with terrible IVs or lower rarity availability. I don’t know if you need it, but Roy will probably work as a Hector/Grima counter with his native TA off the bench in arena assault. I’m probably going to do that with Soleil: throw Axebreaker and maybe TA on her in case I need her.

            I actually dropped to from Tier 19 to Tier 17 over the past couple weeks, and I have no idea why. But with all the Dew from Blessed Gardens, I can finally build a Raven of my own, which I will do tomorrow once the SP bonus is back. I probably won’t use Galeforce because I don’t want to have to promote another unit or use the Heavy Blade seal, but Fury/Desperation seems the way to go. He probably doesn’t even need a special really, with that damage

          • Shenai

            Yeah, that’s not nice.
            He would, but usually Nino or Raven can kill them, or some of the reds I use, plus I hate arena assault… only do it once a week for the rewards.
            It’s just I don’t want to sacrifice a 5* Roy for TA 3 when I can get it off him at 4*…

            My Soleil is +Spd -Def so I’ll have her keep the Firesweep Sword+, put LnD on her and probably Drag Back. LnD 2 because I don’t really need a red so I don’t feel like spending 20,000 feathers.

            Maybe because the Intermediate and Beginner battles now have higher scores? But some weeks are just much more competitive than others. What sort of scores do you usually battle for? I’m still not sure how I even got here, it is weird.
            Have fun with a Raven of your own^^ If you’re not going Galeforce then Vantage may also work well. For a special, if you use the Heavy Blade 3 seal after all, definitely choose Draconic Aura, that is the most potent on him. Otherwise, Glimmer will serve you well. Remember Basilikos also reduces the cooldown, so that means 1 turn CD for Glimmer and with Raven’s speed he rarely doesn’t double, plus it scales off his attack so… very good.
            There are a few units which will only fall to a charged special. (Or a Galeforce second attack 😉 and no, I don’t usually promote units to then inherit their skills, I just thought in for a penny in for a pound with him, as it was already a lot of investment and I was excited about the potential, which hasn’t let me down)

          • Sisyphe

            I usually score in the low 4800s in arena. That’s been enough to hover between 18 and 19 so far.

            You know it literally never occurred to me that LnD 2 is just about as good as LnD 3, except cheaper. I will have to start using it, though I wonder if Fury isn’t better at that point.

            I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a refined Hauteclere Minerva with Aether who uses the Heavy Blade seal. I’m doing what I can to keep her relevant, and she’s pretty potent as a Flier Emblem sweeper. I don’t really want to give her up. But Glimmer activating every round sounds like plenty anyway. I’m really torn between Vantage and Desperation. My gut says Vantage but most people seem to recommend Desperation. I think you also recommended Desperation previously

          • Shenai

            That was around my score too, previously, so we’ll see how it goes now. My particular Raven really does get a high score though (Galeforce and the +10 even at the 4*) and I’ll probably keep him as my arena core for quite some time, VL Ike with his Aether likewise is worth a lot of points.

            Fury is great but there are so many units who want it, and since with the Firesweep I don’t ever intend for Soleil to get hit and I don’t need Desperation to prevent counters, I’ll go with LnD. Fury’s synergy with Desperation is really useful but in this case unnecessary.

            Possibly, but you know you can just switch the seal around. Of course, if you’re doing arena assault or if you’re using her in the new Rival Domains mode you would have to make a choice of who to give it to.
            I think it depends a bit on your playstyle. My Raven is a bit sturdier than yours, so I often bait for his first engagement. Yours will probably still survive most things at full health. Vantage definitely works too. But he won’t exactly be able to tank more than once. So Desperation for the following turns is very good. Otherwise you’re stuck in enemy phase or units you can defeat in one hit or who can’t counter.

            It also synergizes well with both Fury and Galeforce for me.
            Here are a few scenarios:

            1. Bait, get into Desperation range, safely initiate from then on.
            2. Bait, don’t get into Desperation range, get into Desperation range on next engangement, see 1.
            3. Initiate on unit that can counter, get into Desperation range, activate Galeforce
            3a. Deliver the killing blow
            3b. Advance on the next unit and safely take them out with Desperation
            3c. Retreat to safety
            4. Initiate, don’t get into Desperation range
            4a. On unit that can’t counter, see 1.
            4b. On unit that blocked your follow up and therefore no Galeforce, see 1.

            4b is probably the likeliest scenario for Raven to be defeated, depending on who the opponent is and what skills they have (e.g.. breaker skills or brave weapons or bold fighter, etc.)
            Replace Galeforce with dancer if you use one.

            I prefer player phase, but if you’re someone who prefers enemy phase then Vantage may work better for you. But Raven’s ability to tank is really confined to the first engagement usually, especially with Fury and without a healer. He doesn’t kill everything on the first hit.
            Personally I feel Vantage reduces his usability.

            Ironically I got a 5* Raven as a pity breaker in a last ditch attempt to get LA Hector. No idea what to do with him.

          • Sisyphe

            Yeah I opted to go with Desperation, for the reason you stated. He’s not going to get doubled, so he can bait on enemy phase to get into Desperation range (or on player phase if it’s safe). Then, he can pretty sweep on the next turn by getting consecutive doubles.

            I’m still going to go with Glimmer to start, as I don’t want to promote a Cordelia for Galeforce right now, but I’ll reconsider if it looks like he doesn’t need Glimmer or he’s having trouble getting out of conflicts.

  • speedster

    Why is Chrom even on a children’s banner?
    People are saying male Morgan will get dropped, but I doubt that. Dull ranged just seems too rare of a skill to have access at 4*

  • Zog58

    Morgans look great, I would pull for Male Morgan but him sharing a color is a no-go. Very nice to see Gerome, and excited that he’s free; I wonder if he’ll have a unique axe? Mounted Chrom looks awesome, and Sword Valor in the pool twice really helps out. As for colorless breath…. Nasir maybe? Will this bring the dawn of the Laguz, as melee colorless units?

  • Kneekicker

    Hopefully Female Morgan is available at lower rarities after this banner so more players can have opportunities to grab a ranged flier unit. She’s definitely more likely to have her rarity dropped than Male Morgan or Chrom since her skills aren’t too special in comparison.

  • 100%B-Type

    Colorless Breath?! Deginseah GHB when?

  • Shenai

    Kinda wish female Morgan was green not blue. Otherwise, I really don’t need another melee red horse but Sword Valor! Plus he looks really cool 🙂 well, I’d like any of them, we’ll see if I have orbs and luck to actually get any. As the Awakening kids go I’d prefer Brady, Cynthia, Kjelle or Noire. At least Gerome is coming soon 🙂

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Now I want a Marth with Exalted Falchion as weapon.
    Also, for the Colorless Dragon… I think it can be the next Legendary Hero.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    If I get 2 Female Morgans, I will give a Serpent Tome to my LA!Lyn.