Heroes: Version 2.3 Update: Rival Domains, Blessed Gardens, and More!

The Version 2.3 Update is now available for Fire Emblem Heroes! This update brings a whole host of new features to the game. You may need to manually update the game via your phone’s app program to access the update. As of the time of writing, it is not yet live for iOS users, but is available for Android users.

The most exciting and noteworthy additions in this update are two new game modes: Rival Domains and Blessed Gardens. Read out further below for a deeper look at these new modes.

We also get a host of smaller updates, including Weapon Refinery enhancements for three heroes’ weapons: Eirika’s Sieglinde, Leo’s Brynhildr, and Soren‘s new tome Wind’s Brand. All three weapons can now learn a special, unique skill upon refinement.

Other small changes include:

  • The ability to see the player’s name when looking their hero’s detailed stats screen, such as in the arena or friend’s list.
  • All players will be able to re-battle immediately in the next Voting Gauntlet if they lose their match.
  • You can now choose whether or not Merges count as levels when using the “Sort by Level” function in the Allies menu. The new option can be toggled on oor off in the settings menu.
  • A Colorless Dragon is hinted to be added to the game in the future.
  • Squad Assault 8 is now available.

Rival Domains

One new addition to the game is the new gameplay mode Rival Domains. You can check out the current Rival Domain within the Special Maps screen. New Rival Domains will be added weekly. Each update will contain a total of four maps: Normal, Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. Best of all, these maps cost no stamina to complete!

Selecting a Domain for the first time will give you a button to “Edit Brigade“, so make sure to check out this option before starting! Your Brigade contains 20 units. You can use your own units as well as the lead units from your Friends on your Friend’s List. Friend units in your Brigade will show a small green heart.

Rival Domain maps are much larger than other Heroes maps! They’re eight squares wide and 10 squares tall. When the game begins, you start off with your first eight units. If any of your units die, they will be replaced by the remaining twelve units in order.

These maps also contain a number of terrain additions: Forts and Camps, which are defensive tiles with special additions. Your units can teleport between Forts and Camps that you control, and they also restore HP.

But beware, your enemies have their own Forts and Camps under their control! You can destroy them by attacking them, denying your enemy valuable resources.

Maps end after you have successfully defended for 10 turns, or after you have destroyed your opponent’s main Fort. One the map is over, you receive a score based on your performance. You must hit a target score goal in order to receive your rewards. Most notably, the reward for beating the Infernal version of a Rival Domain is 10 Divine Dew.

New Rival Domains will arrive with the daily reset every Monday.

Blessed Gardens

The second new gameplay addition introduced with this update is Blessed Gardens. Blessed Gardens can be found in the previously-unused section in the upper left part of the Battle screen.

There are four different Gardens, one for each Blessing type: Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire. Each Garden contains four maps, and each map takes 5 Stamina to play. The maps are based on story and prologue chapters.

The unique aspect of the Gardens is that only characters with a Blessing can fight in the associated maps. Additionally, you must have a complete team of four units, and all of those units must survive. So, think carefully before handing out your Blessings to make a well rounded team!

Completing the maps gives many rewards, including Blessings. All players get four Water Blessings when they open the screen for the first time, and each completed map gives out even more blessings of the other elements. So, all players should have plenty of Blessings to hand out to their units. Other rewards include Orbs, Feathers, and more Divine Dew.

You can play the first map for all four Gardens now. After today, new Gardens will be added weekly on a rotating schedule each Saturday at the daily reset.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Diovani Estivalet

    Eirika’s Sieglinde is a interesting weapon. Let’s say Eirika has a S-Rank Support with Marth, Marth has his refined Falchion, and let’s put a Shiro with Tactic Def to gives Marth +6 def. If Marth is adjacent Eirika, she will have +10 in each stat during battle (+6 from the buffs, +2 from the support and +2 from the Falchion). And then there are the others units buffs. Eirika is a good unit now! (That’s what I Understood about the weapon. If I am wrong, please tell me).
    Soren’s weapon is really good too. A Owl Tome with Chill Atk.
    Leo’s weapon is… something. He lose his Gravity effect to receive reduce damage from magic foes, and his extra effect makes foes don’t make follow-up attacks with foe’s def+1 is lower than Leo’s def.

    Blessed Garden is great. We can get 40 orbs and 80 divine dews!

    I didn’t try the Rival Domains mode yet. I thought Rival Domains would be a Event map, but nope… it is in Special Maps session.

    • Zog58

      Exactly, Eirika will work wonders on a tactics team. And I plan to take advantage of that with units like LA!Lilina and L’Arachel with bladetomes!

      • Diovani Estivalet

        Eirika is now one of the best unit to have a tactic skill. She can give +6 something to a ally, and receive +6 in all stats during combat because of it. That’s really great. I am considering refine her weapon now. I used the divine dews I got from the Blessed Garden in Alm, so… next time, Eirika.

        To sad I don’t have a tactic skill to give her. I hope I can get at least a 4-stars L’Arachel for the Res Tactic.

        • Not to rain on the parade, but it says “Calculated independently” What you’re describing is “Calculated Cumulative” or “Dependent” Basically it means it’ll take the highest buff among that stat and add it to her own corresponding stat. So A +6 Res Tactic won’t net her +6 to all her stats, but +6 to her Res.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            Yes, after I saw the PhoenixMaster1 video, I understood it. But, still… it is a great refinement! Now, we only need a Spd Tactic to make Eirika awesome!

          • Ironically that’s where I got the info from too lol….well I kind of thought it that way to begin with but as soon as I heard Phoenix go over it it cemented it XD. But like he said, someone like Sothe will be her BFF because he can give her +8 to all her stats from just him (luckily I got him)

          • Diovani Estivalet

            Yes, me too (got Sothe).

  • mrkisukes

    I would say how nice the new features are, but the IOS delay is preventing me, so instead I’ll express my surprise that Fell Robin was actually the more popular character in the voting Guantlet as there was a solid 12+ hr period where things where tied but Robin slowly gained the lead and broke the stalemate by taking the lead, not Celica. This ultimately doesn’t mean much when it comes to the winner, just found it interesting the waifu wasn’t the popular pick.

    • Shenai

      as usual it came down to who had the multiplier in the end, and maybe me, I’m always on the losing team ^^;; (sorry Celica)

      I think maybe more players had Grima as the bonus unit? He’s certainly more interesting as a unit on its own than possessed Celica. I had neither when the final round started and so picked Celica.

    • speedster

      Slightly more popular, but yeah. There was a stalemate for several hours on the second day until the pendulum swing in Celica’s favour and then Grima. Back and forth until Grima had multipliers in the final round

  • 100%B-Type

    Rival Domains so cool~ I have many Awesome Units in my Friendlist, so it feels good when I can finally use Myrrh without having her~
    And those Maps could sure some Story-Scenarios recreate, like that one huge map in Radiant Dawn, where you must defeat 80 Units.

  • Shenai

    Finally a use for the massive amount of level 40 units I have 😀 playing from the start will do that. I’ll only get to test out these modes later today but I’m looking forward to Rival Domains at least. For the gardens I’ll first have to decide who to give the blessings to. Yay for divine dew though!

  • Bethany Lieflijk

    “You can now Sort by Level when viewing your allies.”

    This is not actually what the new feature is. If you go into the Settings menu, there is a new option that determines whether or not merges count as an extra level when sorting by the pre-existing “Sort by Level” option.

  • Sisyphe

    Rival Domains is pretty fun, if a little disorienting. I haven’t beaten infernal yet. It looks like you need to take the camp and at least hit the fortress to hit that score. Blessed Gardens is still irritating. The maps are so simple that I’m basically trading blessings for the rewards stated. I really don’t like it.

  • dmurr

    Blessed Gardens and the blessings are probably my favorite new addition to this game since Tempest Trials.