Warriors: DLC Details from the Japanese Official Site + Corrected Release Date

In case you missed it, the Awakening DLC Pack for Fire Emblem Warriors is actually scheduled for 29th March 2018, not 22nd March as reported by Famitsu.

Owain will have to control his sword hand for one more week…

This information comes from the game’s Japanese official site, which updated today with additional details about the upcoming DLC pack, as well as the free Version 1.5.0 update.

We’re guessing the Awakening DLC was originally planned for 22nd March and Famitsu forgot to change the date. This would also explain why the Awakening maps for Heroes were scheduled for 12-13th March, before being taken off the calendar.

Before continuing, we recommend reading our previous DLC article if you haven’t done so already.

Awakening DLC Pack

It looks like Tharja has an appetite for destruction.

For those who were worried, the gradual damage inflicted by Tharja’s Destruction Pact skill does not affect the rankings after a battle.

Update 1: According to the North American website, Destruction Pact will be known as Vengeance in the English version. Which fits Tharja, even though it’s actually a different skill…

The three new History Maps are Scion of Legend (shown in Famitsu), Emmeryn (first revealed at Cipher Festival) and Caravan Dancer (based off Mad King Gangrel).

There are new broken armor models for all of the Awakening characters: Chrom, Lucina, Robin, Lissa, Fredrick, Cordelia, Owain, Tharja and Olivia.

New personal weapons:

  • Thoron (Robin)
  • Lissa’s Healing Axe (Lissa)
  • Frederick’s Armored Axe (Frederick)
  • Cordelia’s Love Lance (Cordelia)
  • Missiletainn (Owain)
  • Tharja’s Hex (Tharja)
  • Olivia’s Dance Sword (Olivia)

Note that in Version 1 at least, Lissa and Frederick’s weapons are simply “Healing Axe” and “Armored Axe” in the English version. Meanwhile, Cordelia’s weapon was originally Gungnir. Most likely, they will be renamed to Lissa’s Axe, Frederick’s Axe and Cordelia’s Lance.

New weapon attributes:

  • Attack/Boost+ (increases the damage of “Attack” and “Boost” atributes like Rainstorm and Triangle+)
  • Strike Rate+ and All Stats+ from Chrom and Tiki’s amiibo weapons.

Version 1.5.0 Update

Here’s an Olivia in lieu of any Version 1.5.0 screenshots.

Level Cap increased from 130 to 150. This was implied by the addition of Infernal Blessing, plus there was a screenshot of Lianna gaining experience at Level 130 in the Famitsu article.

New Blessings:

  • Speed Blessing and Luck Blessing: Boosts the respective stats for all party members.
  • Healing Blessing: All party members slowly recover HP.
  • Convoy Blessing: Increases number of dropped materials.
  • Smithy Blessing: Increases number of dropped weapons, as well as level, quality and number of slots.
  • Common-Material Blessing: Increases drop rate of common materials.

Level Reset: Available from the Temple. Resets Character to Level 1 and grants materials depending on the character’s original level.


  • It is now possible to record videos (by holding the screenshot button, like other compatible games).
  • There is an option to automatically apply the previous blessing before you enter battle (required materials will be consumed automatically). Can be turned On/Off from the settings.
  • Improvements to the battle results UI.
  • Bug fixes.

After the Awakening DLC hits, this looks like the end of the road for Fire Emblem Warriors. Although it’s still possible for the developers to announce new DLC packs and/or free updates. Hopefully that’s indeed the case–that or Fire Emblem Warriors 2!

Update 2:

Nintendo UK has uploaded a bunch of English screenshots. Here’s a list of the new names:

  • Tharja’s Hex: (Unchanged)
  • Olivia’s Dance Sword: Olivia’s Blade
  • Boost Sword (provides the Attack/Boost+ attribute): Bolster Sword
  • Infernal Blessing: (Unchanged)
  • Common-Materials Blessing: (Unchanged)
  • Smithy Blessing: Master Blessing(?)
  • Strategist’s Blessing: Tactician Blessing (same thing)
  • Divine Caliber (makes all weapons as strong as Hero weapons): Legendary

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  • dmurr

    I’m so excited for this! Would love to see further DLC, but only if it’s different. I feel like the UI isn’t set up great for too many more characters or History Mode maps.

    • Kenyowa

      praying every night for tellius-based dlc tbh

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Well depends on how so far its doing if its good

  • Vaximillian

    >In case you missed you
    (In case you missed it)

    >the Awakening maps for Warriors were scheduled
    (the Awakening maps for Heroes were scheduled)

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      Yup, I clearly missed all of you <3

      In all seriousness, thanks. Clearly I need to post my articles AFTER I've had my daily tea.

      • Vaximillian

        I always miss you too ❤

  • speedster

    Owain can’t keep his raging hormones in check for 1 week

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Too sad Owain don’t have a Odin’s costume.

    • King Marth 64

      It might wouldn’t make any sense for Owain to have his Dark Mage costume and Odin identity since Owain is a Myrmidon in Fire Emblem Warriors and Owain didn’t use any magic back in Awakening. He managed to gained Magic from Anakos during at Hidden Truths 2.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        But a costume is just a costume.

  • Filipe Ferreira de Oliveira

    i really want the dlc pack 2 to be: Echoes (Alm/Clair/Boey), Blazing Sword (Hector/Nino/Louise) and FE Switch (??/??/??)

    • Vaximillian

      Tellius though. Ike, Micaiah, and Titania maybe? I’d even take Frederick’s moveset for her.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      About yours Echoes pack: Alm is a obvious choice, he is the protagonist of his game along side Celica. I don’t know about Clair, because she would the the 4th pegasus knight. What about Clive/Conrad, a totally new moveset as Lance Cavalry? And Boey? I like Boey, but I don’t know if he would be the choice from Celica’s Army. They would probably go with Mae and give her Linde’s Moveset.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      About yours Blazing Sword Pack: Hector is a good choice, being the one with the new moveset. But if they decide to go with Hector, they should add Eliwood too, with Xander’s moveset. And my last choice would be Ninian, because we need another Dragon in the game. She can have a different moveset than Tiki, because Tiki is more like a child and Niniam is more like a Adult.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      I don’t know about FE Switch Pack, what about a Path of Radiant Pack? With Ike (probably another Chrom clone), Titania (Frederick clone) and Elincia, being the first Flying Sword unit in the game.

      • Filipe Ferreira de Oliveira

        I choose FE switch pack because they obviously are gonna promete it when launch, the same way celica was included in the game to promote echoes.
        But if they made a path of radiant pack, the characters i want are: Ike (obviously), Titania and Shinon. I choose shinon because there’s few true archers in the game (anna is a trickster and niles is a outlaw, so they don’t count).

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Would be interesting to have FE Switch Characters as a promotion of the game but, as you said, Celica was include to promote Echoes. They used 1 character to promote the 3ds games, not a full Pack. I can see 1 character as a reward for buying the Season Pack 2. Celica was a old character with a new visual, so huge FE’s fans already knew her, and we all believe FE Switch will be a new game, not a remake. If I was not a FE’s fan, I would not be interesting in Corrin when he/she was annouced for Smash as DLC.
          Also, Outlaw is a Archer class, just don’t have the name “archer”. Outlaw is a Nohr’s archer class, as Diviner is a Hoshido’s mage class and Shrine Maiden is a Hoshido’s cleric class.

          • Filipe Ferreira de Oliveira

            You have a point about the FE Switch characters, one character is enough to promote the game. Also, outlaws are the Nohr’s thief class, not the archer class.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            Yeah… that’s true about the Outlaw… I forgot Outlaw has Locktouch.
            Also, maybe to promote the FE Switch game, Warriors can update for version 2.0 for a second season pass and they could give the FE Switch unit for free, similar to how Fjorm was add in Heroes whe the Book Two was added to the game.

    • King Marth 64

      *The Blazing Blade

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    Hey look it’s Owain! Finally someone I can put to zero hp and not care about! 🙂

  • dmurr

    Oh my gosh, wait! How did I not see the screenshot before!! Azura and Olivia have a support! Yesssssss I really wanted that.