Heroes: New Weapon Refinery Updates!

Get your Arena Medals and Divine Dew ready, players. New Weapon Refinery Updates are coming to Fire Emblem Heroes!

First up, there are two new character-specific weapons: Nameless Blade for Fir and Karel and Forblaze for Lilina. Both of these weapons are brand new, so we don’t know quite what to expect with them yet. You’ll be able to further upgrade both weapons, as well as two other existing weapons: Roy‘s Binding Blade and Lloyd‘s Regal Blade.

Furthermore, you’ll also be able to upgrade the weapons for the original versions of Ephraim and Hector. Hector’s Armads will be able to transform into his Valentine version’s Berserk Armads. Ephraim will be able to wield his Legendary version’s Flame Siegmund.

Like other new character weapons, Lilina, Fir, and Karel will be able to learn the base versions of their new weapons with SP. However, all further upgrades for all these weapons will require the use of Divine Dew.

These Weapon Refinery Updates are scheduled to go live with the next version update, which will be sometime in April. We’ll share more information about the update as soon as we know it.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor