Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Tiki & Nowi + Update 2.4 Live!

A new battle event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Head over to Special Maps to tackle Bound Hero Battle: Tiki & Nowi. There’s also a matching banner containing 5 focus units for Adult Tiki, Nowi, and Robin: Fell Incarnation.

You can challenge the BHB in up to three different difficulties to earn up to nine Orbs! However, you’ll need to keep all four of your units alive. Feel free to try as many times as you need, since BHBs now cost Zero Stamina to play! Bound Hero Battle: Tiki & Nowi and its associated banner will be available until 17 April.

Additionally, Update 2.4 is now live! You can download the update manually via the App Store or Play Store if necessary.

This version includes a lot of new and exciting updates as discussed in the recent Feh Channel. Check out our earlier article for more information. Meanwhile, you can see the summoning pool changes for yourself already in the new BHB banner.

Finally, the Bunny Battle Ballot is over! Spring Kagero reigns supreme as the winner of the most recent Voting Gauntlet. Congratulations to her supporters! The next event, the new Grand Conquests, will begin this Friday, 13 April.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Kneekicker

    If this kind of darkhorse victory had occurred a year ago when the failings of the scoring system wasn’t as well known yet, I’m positively sure the fandom would’ve erupted.

    Though I supported Lucina in the end, I’m actually relieved that Kagero won since it’s a refreshing change of pace for once. I would’ve still preferred meme man to win though.

    • Volttekka

      Wait, Lucina was the favored winner? I could have sworn that most people would have been voting for Kagero, what with her sizable…assets.

      • Kneekicker

        Lucina wasn’t necessarily favoured per se, as her popularity has actually grown to the point of backlash in recent years, but most people saw Kagero’s defeat as an inevitability since a regular and not particularly popular character was going up against one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

        Even though the points multiplier can skew victory either way unpredictably, previous VG victors have almost always been the most popular character of the lot with the only previous instance of a darkhorse victory being Shanna during Short Haired Ladies vs Long Haired Gents, who miraculously defeated Takumi.

  • speedster

    All of the new refines are great. Fir can even be a menace in arena with the right set-up believe it or not

  • Daniel Smith

    I am summoning this banner for 2 reasons

    1st more grimleal is a good thing
    2nd don’t care about Thracia

    • speedster

      But Reinhardt

  • Zog58

    Ouch, 90 orbs and no Grima. I didn’t want anyone on Thracia, and he has some awesome SI material if I pull a bad one. Guess I’ll wait a few more days and try my luck again

    • Daniel Smith

      ive had to keep exiting summons cause I’m not getting green

      I hope to one day have a +10 grima

      • Zog58

        Good luck! I’ve been considering it, and I think 90 orbs is as far as I’ll go for fodder. Gotta save for Hero Fest! Sorry this banner has such a short time window, but maybe you’ll get a few in that time!