Heroes: April & May Event Calendar!

The April & May Event Calendar is now live for Fire Emblem Heroes! Check it out:

Most notably, the calendar includes a few new things. First up are the April and May Special Orb Promos. Feh first introduced these special deals in the recent Feh Channel. April’s promo includes 6,000 Hero Feathers and 21 Orbs for $9.99/€10.99 and is available starting today! Each promo is available for a couple weeks.

Additionally, Heroes will be celebrating Golden Week from 27 April through 14 May. Golden Week is a series of public holidays in Japan that is a popular time for vacations and other celebrations. Many gacha games, like Heroes, have special promotions during this time.

Last year’s Golden Week celebrations fell right after the first ever Feh Channel and included the first Hero Fest as well as the Omikuji fortune-telling game. The calendar doesn’t give any details on what this year’s celebration includes, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Furthermore, the calendar lists two sets of New Heroes, one later this month on the 24th and another starting 10 May. It also gives us the date for the next Legendary Hero banner and other upcoming events and quests. Scroll on below for a full text breakdown.

April & May Event Calendar:
Summoning Focuses:
  • Tempest Trials+: 18 Apr ~ 30 Apr
  • Heroes with Combat Boosts: 22 Apr ~ 3 May
  • New Heroes: 24 Apr ~ 9 May
  • Legendary Hero Summoning Event: 1 May ~ 7 May
  • Countering Weapon Skills: 4 May ~14 May
  • New Heroes: 10 May ~ 20 May
Special Maps & Events:
  • Grand Conquests: 13 Apr ~ 18 Apr
  • Grand Hero Battle: Saias: 17 Apr ~ 24 Apr
  • Tempest Trials+: Thunder’s Fist: 21 Apr ~ 30 Apr
  • BHB Revival: Takumi & Hinoka: 25 Apr ~ 1 May
  • Illusory Dungeon: Formidable Foes: 26 Apr ~ 11 May
  • Golden Week Celebration: 27 Apr ~ 14 May
  • Grand Hero Battle: Kana: 3 May ~ 10 May
New Quests:
  • Movement Type Quests: 19 Apr ~ 2 May
  • Wind Blessing Quests: 28 Apr ~ 11 May
  • Three Heroes Quests: 7 May ~ 20 May
Log-In Bonuses:
  • Tempest Trials Bonus: 18 Apr ~ 30 Apr
  • New Heroes Celebration Bonus: 24 Apr ~ 9 May
  • New Heroes Celebration Bonus: 10 May ~ 20 May
Special Promos:
  • April Special Orb Promo: 12 Apr ~ 25 Apr
  • May Special Orb Promo: 10 May ~ 23 May
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • speedster

    Wow. So many normal banners. Kinda suspecting an alt one or a banner featuring characters from different games (kinda like farfetched, sibling bonds)

    • Diovani Estivalet

      I liked your ideas for the next events.
      I think is kinda confirmed to have a Alt. unit in each banner now. This is happening since the Radiant Dawn banner.
      The first think that came in my mind about the “Heroes with Combat Boosts” was skills like Earth or Fire Boost. So, we could have Amelia (Earth), Luke (Fire) and Grey (Wind).
      I agree with you about the Countering Weapon Skills banner being the weapons breaker skills. The only problem with this banner is we can get all breaker skills from 4-stars units.
      I don’t think that great the TT reward this time. Drive Atk is the best one, of course.
      I don’t know who can be the next Legendary Hero. It is too hard to guess. But, yeah… can be a colored archer.
      The next GHB will be Saias, of course. The next one will be a unit related to the next main banner. I would like the main banner be a 2nd gen Genealogy.
      Other interesting thing is about the “Three Heroes Quest”. With the last update, we have really good 3-star units now. I hope Marth or Roy can be one of them, for my merges.
      Finally, about the Special Orbs Promos… I hope they can have 5-stars units too, like the Black Knight some months ago. This is the only way I can see some Tempest Trial reward to return, because with the Tempest Trial+ I believe we will not have a TT Mini again.

      • speedster

        I meant alt one as in like fallen heroes
        I think that they’ll add the TT reward characters into the summoning pool at some point along with the GHB ones

        • Diovani Estivalet

          I don’t know if the GHB units will be added to the summoning pool, at least not this year. All 2017’s GHB as in the special maps rotation right now. Only the 2018’s GHB will have revivals now. Maybe next year the 2017’s GHB will be added to the pool, while the 2018’s GHB will be added to the weekly rotation.

          • dmurr

            I just want female Robin added to the summoning pool. She needs merging and variation, bad, lol. I have plans to pimp out my version but there’s only so good I can make her.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            I would like to have Ursula in the pool. She is the only way to get the Blárwolf tome. We can get Rauðrwolf from Raigh, and we don’t have Gronnwolf in the pool, but we can get Keen Gronnwolf from Rhajat.

    • Salveon

      The pattern for legendary heroes so far has had a unit released in order to match the main story chapters, and their respective cover character, released:

      Chapter 1 had Surtr (OC): Fjorm
      Chapter 2 had Fjorm (OC): Gunnthra
      Chapter 3 had Micaiah: Ike
      Chapter 4 had Eirika: Ephraim
      Chapter 5 had Grima: Grimum

      Because of this the next legendary hero will correspond with Chapter 6 or The Branded King banner. As this banner primarily focused on the child units (Both Morgans and Gerome as a TT reward) odds are we’ll get a child unit. The only units that canonically would fit under the green category are: Gerome (Axe, Used too recently) and Noire (Bow, great introduction to Colored Bows).

      Therefore the next legendary hero will be Noire with a Green Bow.

      • sappybrenton

        i wish it were true….

      • Diovani Estivalet

        I don’t see a unit who is not in the game as a Legendary Hero, only with he/she will be a OC.
        I can see Noire as a special unit, but not a Legendary one. She is not that special to receive such treatment…
        I believe Legendary Heroes are units important for their games. For exemple: I can see Marth or Caeda being a LH, but not Abel or Gordin. I can see Corrin, Azura or any other Hoshido/Nohr royal member being a LH, but not units like Felicia or Jakob.
        Also, if we go with your logic, we will have 2 LH from Awakening, one after the other. This is not a good thing.

  • Familyplayer

    Holy shit. More than one new heroes banner on an event schedule? It’s been a while.