Heroes: Wings of Fate Summoning Focus!

Three new heroes have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Wings of Fate Summoning Focus for your chance at Kinshi Knight Hinoka, Shigure, and Female Kana. Check out our earlier article for a preview trailer and look at their skills.

These heroes also appear in a new story chapter. Book II, Chapter 8: Blade of Frost continues the plot after the last heartbreaking update. Complete all the maps and the quests to earn up to 20 Orbs! You can find the quest breakdown below.

Additionally, we also get a new Log-In Bonus to celebrate the new heroes! All players will get an extra 13 Orbs just for logging in over the next ten days.

The Wings of Fate Summoning Focus will be around for a little over two weeks, ending on 10 May at 6:59am UTC. According to the most recent event calendar, we’ll be getting another batch of regular new heroes that day as a replacement.

Rite of Frost Quests
Quest Description Reward
Clear 8-1 on Lunatic Clear Book II, Chapter 8: Part 1 on Lunatic difficulty with a sword user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear 8-2 on Lunatic Clear Book II, Chapter 8: Part 2 on Lunatic difficulty with a lance user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear 8-3 on Lunatic Clear Book II, Chapter 8: Part 3 on Lunatic difficulty with an axe user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear 8-4 on Lunatic Clear Book II, Chapter 8: Part 4 on Lunatic difficulty with a sword user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear 8-5 on Lunatic Clear Book II, Chapter 8: Part 5 on Lunatic difficulty with a lance user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • speedster

    Hinoka is brave Lyn with more BST. Though Lyn is better because of Sacae’s Blessing. Hinoka’s physical bulk is rather poor and her atk isn’t as high as I’d expected from a anti-armor unit
    Shigure is rocking a decent atk of 33 and an amazing base spd of 37
    Female Kana is basically female Corrin with more atk
    You know something is up when more people are talking about Kaze than any of the banner units. I didn’t know he was that popular.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Kaze is a very special character for me. He is a good, calm and kind person. I really like his supports conversations, especially with Sakura.
      One Kaze’s moment which is in my memory is Birthright’s Chapter 15. I didn’t have a A-Rank support with Kaze and, well… if you played Birthright, you know what happens if Corrin don’t have a A Support with Kaze in that Chapter. I was feelling very guilty for what happened. He is one of my favorite characters in Fates, so having Kaze in Heroes make me happy. I hope he is a free unit.

      • speedster

        Same happened to me. I lost 4 hours of gameplay because of that

        • Diovani Estivalet

          I continued to play the game normally, because I thought “Kaze’s event” was part of the story. When I played Conquest, I got surprised the same event didn’t happen. Then, I search about him and learned what trigger the event in Birthright. But when I played Birthright again, I did the right thing.

          • speedster

            Sad part is that Midori was the last child left, but when Kaze died, I couldn’t recruit her.

          • 100%B-Type

            Midori is my best Unit in Fates and some good money maker too!
            Can´t wait to pull for her, regardless of her popularity.
            With some good Luck from Midori, she could be a Green Bow user.

    • Freya

      Kaze is talked about due to him not being available and his bishounen art. Felicia is still better than him. Hinoka is underwhelming for me.

  • Sisyphe

    I’m thrown by how violent Surtr is every time we get a new set of chapters. It’s a nice touch, even if it’s getting old.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      I am thinking we will get Veronica at the end of Book II… for some reason…

      • Bongo Beans

        Veronica as new green legendary hero?

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Hm… It can and cannot happen. I would like if IS decide to make Veronica a Legendary Hero, although her tome, Élivágar, is not that amazing.

    • Sara Jaye

      I can’t wait till we’re finally done with that guy, to be honest. He makes for a good antagonist, yeah, but I’m easily bored by “BWAHAHAHAHA LOOK HOW STRONG AND MEAN I AM AS I KILL PEOPLE, I AM SO EVIL” villains.

      I also fear for Fjorm. The moment a character coughs, the next thing you know they’re collapsed in a dying heap and everyone’s crying. D:

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I got a +Spd -HP Hinoka with 9 orbs! Yay! Luck smiles apon me this day! I am thinking to give her Swift Sparrow instead of Atk/Spd Bond. She will works better in the player phase. With Hinoka in my army, I will keep my orbs for the Legendary Banner.

    M!Kana is amazing! With the datamine info is right, he has really good stats and skills. Water Breath and Blazen Def/Res are really good stats together.
    Kaze is also really good. A Killing Dagger, Atk Smoke and, with 34 Res, he is a good Def Ploy user.

  • dmurr

    Weird experience. I was pulling for Kinshi Hinoka and ended up getting both Shigure and Kana in rounds that didn’t have a colorless summon (also Brave Lucina). Now I’m out of orbs.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Brave Lucina is a blue pity breaker! I got her last month when I was trying to get Morgan, and Sages got her in his summoning of this banner.

      • dmurr

        I wasn’t displeased with Brave Lucina. Merged her with the one I have, but I don’t use her very much. Would like to have Hinoka though.

  • 100%B-Type

    I really want Veronica with a Xander alternative Outfit, all these sudden appearence of him with Veronica, even that one Manga Panel (#4) feels already like family~ Could Nifl (the Ice dragon) be later a Legendary Hero on a Legendary Banner? Possible! but we will see.

    • dmurr

      That could possibly be her Brave variant we’ll be getting. Her relationship with Xander is definitely interesting since he chooses to fight for her in the story. I feel like we’re getting close to a free story mode reward of standard Veronica. Maybe she’ll be the next Legendary Hero.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Not sure on Nifl depends how long book II is for them to be relevent unless they are just only a mention of Nifl royal line in the temple since Surtrs description mention a legendary fire dragon in his royal bloodline plus we have so many dragon units already as well so probably not?

    • MetalGear Lamia

      I was also thinking Nifl!Fjorm from the recent events that’d be awesome!

    • Kneekicker

      Veronica’s colour scheme and general design already matches well with Xander’s, as is best seen in that very panel you mentioned. I have an acquaintance introduced to the franchise through Heroes who actually mistook Veronica for Xander’s younger relative; to this day, he still thinks Veronica looks more like Xander’s child than Siegbert does.

      Even if we don’t actually get the original Veronica, an alt would still be pretty likely given her popularity in CYL2.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Hey Kirie: “Spend some Orbs on the Wings of Fate Summoning Focus for your chance at Kinshi Knight Hinoka, Shigure, and Male Kana. “
    The Kana in the banner is female.

    • Kirie

      Whoops! Thanks. 🙂 I’ll get it fixed

  • ashlyn

    I’m so happy that IS put in more Hoshidan units, even if some of them are just repeats with new outfits and skill sets. I am really hoping to get Female Kana. She is just too cute!

  • Familyplayer

    Story was very much a set-up sort of thing this week. Guess we’ll wait until May to see where it leads. I definitely feel Veronica slowly coming closer to playability.

  • O.H. X-1990

    I can’t wait to kill Surtr and avenge Gunnthrá in the final chapter! Um…next month is the final chapter, right?

  • Sara Jaye

    Not only was I happy to see a new Hinoka variant, I managed to pull her on my first try. 😀