Fire Emblem Warriors Ships 1 Million Copies, Plus SF and Reddit Q/A Giveaways

As of last Thursday, Koei Tecmo’s last financial report has something quite interesting to note: the fact that Fire Emblem Warriors has shipped over 1 million copies worldwide (this is counting both the Switch and N3DS versions together).

Art by Kyra Walker

Using some old data from ZhugeEx, who was comparing the then new Hyrule Warriors sales to that of Dynasty Warriors of the time, we can see where we stand in comparison somewhat Warriors game sales tend to be erratic as it’s a fairly niche market. We’ve got some numbers from the same financial report about Dynasty Warriors 9 and Attack on Titan 2 (even if that differs in the gameplay department to my knowledge).


Musou Franchise Monthly Sales Post-release

 Title Dynasty Warriors 4 Dynasty Warriors 5 Samurai Warriors Hyrule Warriors (inc. DD)
Month 1 86,000 47,000 66,000 190,000
Month 2 187,000 103,000 94,000 [Unavailable]
Month 3 234,000 126,000 105,000 [Unavailable]
Month 4 275,000 149,000 113,000 370,000
Month 5 298,000 160,000 120,000 >400,000

Dynasty Warriors 9 shipped 730,000 copies across the world, while Attack on Titan 2 shipped 520,000 copies. This is compared to the million that Fire Emblem Warriors has managed. Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi tend to hang around the 480,000’s as well.

Warriors games tend to be front loaded in terms of its sales, and the series has seen a bit of a decline since the jump to the PS3 with the disliked Dynasty Warriors 6, and despite 7 and 8’s massive improvements (and DW8 being my personal favorite DW game), the sales numbers keep dropping and sometimes mildly increasing, but nothing quite reaching the same peak.

Warriors numbers these days are harder to track since most of the games are now only available in the west digitally besides the mainline Dynasty Warriors games. However, Hyrule & Fire Emblem Warriors have both been breaking that mold, which will likely keep Koei-Tecmo returning as a partner of Nintendo’s.

ZhugeEx has been doing this type of analysis for years, so I highly advise if you’re curious about DW sales numbers to check some old threads of his like this.

A side note is that I will be doing two giveaways of Fire Emblem Warriors to celebrate this occasion, with one being on Serenes Forest forums and the other being on Reddit.

The main idea with both is that if you ask a question, you’re in the pool to potentially win a Switch or N3DS copy (it’s the winner’s choice). Entering both slightly adds to your chances.

I wanted to give back since the game has been more successful than I could have dreamed of, for all the PR backlash and the unsure reactions of the FE community at large.

Here’s hoping we can get more Nintendo Warriors games and maybe even Fire Emblem Warriors 2. No more DLC has been planned for Fire Emblem Warriors as of now, but if anything does come up, you can bet I’ll be there on the frontlines, to report as accurately as possible for all of you!

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  • dmurr

    This is awesome news. Thanks for sharing, Jedi!

  • Thank goodness the PR crash-and-burn didn’t obliterate the game’s chances. Now think about how high that one million could have been if they’d managed the PR the right way…

    • Kneekicker

      In most likelihood, it may only be a few hundred or thousand higher. The focus on three games is unlikely to have had much of an impact on the general public, and Fire Emblem is still straddling that awkward line between niche and mainstream.

      An updated version or sequel that borrows the hype and popularity of Heroes would likely do the trick though. Since HW and FEW performed significantly better than the recent DW and SW games, KT has a much better chance of investing more effort into future projects with Nintendo. DW9 has three times the amount of playable characters as FEW does, which in turn only has one more playable character than DW2, which was a PS2 launch title.

      A potential FEW2 would also likely look towards Heroes for indicators on unit popularity during the process of creating it’s roster.

      • mrkisukes

        The other thing to keep in mind is that the majority of the backlash came from older FE fans, who also tend to be a vocal minority. As much as old FE fans like to think of themselves as the life blood of the franchise, we only make up a very small fraction of sales for the franchise. So even though there was a lot of backlash, the ones who ended up supporting the game in the end were newer fans and new comers who didn’t necessarily care that only 3 games got significant rep.