Heroes: Version 2.5 Update Notification!

A new update is on its way to Fire Emblem Heroes! Check out the Version 2.5 Update Notification when you next log into the game.

The Version 2.5 Update will bring a lot of things to Heroes, some expected and some brand new. We’ll be getting some more Weapon Refinery options, and also some UI enhancements. One such enhancement is something many players have wanted for a while: an option to turn off Enemy Phase music!

Many of the unexpected changes fall into two categories: major Arena changes and an overhaul of the starting game Tutorial. Due to the Tutorial changes, all existing players will also receive a gift package.

Scroll on below for a deeper look at what the upcoming Version 2.5 changes will entail.

There will be a Maintenance Period starting on 8 May at 11:00pm UTC.. The update will go live as soon as the maintenance is over on 8~9 May. Additionally, because of the detailed Arena changes, the Arena will be closed all day on Tuesday and the next season will begin on Wednesday instead. This also applies to Arena Assault.

Additionally, the special Golden Week edition of Grand Conquests starts today! Make sure to read up on the changes from last event, such as the Rank Cap increase, and jump in when you’re ready. You can also already see the Grand Conquest Quests in the Quests and Missions page, including 3★ and 4★ Kaze: Easygoing Ninja.

Grand Conquests officially begins in a couple hours at 10:00am UTC. It will last for about a week, ending on 8 May.

Arena Changes

The most extensive changes this update are for the Arena. Maximum Arena Chains will go down to a total of five battles instead of seven. Offensive Rewards are scrapped completely and will be replaced with Chain Rewards.

Players will have the opportunity to win Chain Rewards once each season by completing a full chain of five battles. These rewards include: 3,000 Hero Feathers, 100 Arena Medals, 10 Sacred Coins, 1 Orb, and 10 Refining Stones.

The update text does not state what, if any, changes will be made to the Tier or Defense Rewards system, so we can assume for now that they’ll stay the same, though point values for for tier ranking will likely change due to the fewer number of battles. They also don’t mention if the shorter chain maximum will also apply to Arena Assault.

Additionally, Arena Bonus Allies will receive a stat boost, just like they do in Tempest Trials. Any Bonus Allies you use in your team will gain HP+10 and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4. These boosts will not affect your Arena match-ups and scoring, nor will they apply to the enemies you fight.

Tutorial Changes & “Thanks for Playing” Gift

Many changes are also being made to the opening tutorial of the game to help ease new players into Heroes.

Most notably, Takumi: Wild Card will appear in Preface 2 of the Tutorial, in place of Virion. Virion will instead be added to the player’s Barracks along with Raigh and Matthew after the map is completed. Furthermore, all starting heroes (Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Takumi, Virion, Matthew, and Raigh) will join at 4★ instead of 2★.

Other changes also include rebalancing enemy stats, auto-battle availability, and Training Tower availability.

All players who started Heroes before the 2.5 Update goes live will also receive a Thanks for Playing Gift. This gift package makes up the difference of what new players get from the tutorial compared to the original tutorial:

  • 4★ Takumi: Wild Card
  • Materials to upgrade the remaining starting heroes to 4★: 13,200 Hero Feathers, and assorted Badges and Shards.

You’ll be able to pick up the gift from Feh the reset after the update is live on 9 May.

Further Version 2.5 Updates:
Weapon Refinery Update:

Like all other recent updates, this one will also include new weapons being added to the Weapon Refinery!

First up are some new, unique weapons for two heroes. Clair will gain access to a new lance, Rhomphaia, and Camilla: Bewitching Beauty will get Camilla’s Axe. Both heroes will be able to earn their new weapons with SP at 5★.

You’ll be able to further update both Rhomphaia and Camilla’s Axe in the Weapon Refinery, along with one other existing weapon: Male Corrin‘s Yato! We don’t know what the upgrades will be yet, but we’ll find out once they go live, if not sooner.

Tap Battle Updates:

New Extra Stages will appear starting on Day 4 after all 100 regular stages have been added. Presumably this will give players more incentive to play after they’ve reached the end. Additionally, heroes that participate in Tap Battle will be able to earn Hero Merit for completing stages.

Rival Domains Updates:

Enemy Brigades are being revamped. They will include 40 heroes instead of 20, so fewer duplicates will appear, and enemy composition will no longer be randomized for each instance. Also, enemies will no longer attack immediately after warping.

Miscellaneous QoL & UI Enchancements:
  • Players will be able to toggle on/off Enemy Phase music in the setting screen.
  • Heroes will still keep any EXP and SP they earned during a battle even if they’re KOed.
  • EXP and SP will no longer be halved when replaying completed maps.
  • There will be a new option added to the Settings menu: Foe/Ally Auto-Battle Movement. It will let you control how much movement is shown on screen for AI-controlled characters, such as enemy units or when playing via auto-battle.
  • Movies will no longer appear when summoning heroes from the original batch of Summoning Focuses.
  • The Sacred Seal Forge will be updated with additional, currently unknown, options.
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