Heroes: Countering Weapon Skills Banner!

A new summoning focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summon from the Countering Weapon Skills Banner for your shot at three 5★ focus units: Ryoma, Nowi, and Dorcas.

All three of these heroes have a weapon with Distant Counter built in! As such, they can counterattack foes from both 1 and 2 range. Additionally, Dorcas and Ryoma are 5★ exclusive, so now is a great opportunity for a better chance to summon them!

The Countering Weapon Skills Banner will be available until 6:59am UTC on Tuesday, 15 May.

Meanwhile, Golden Week Grand Conquests is still going strong! The first round just ended and Round 2 will begin in about four hours. A new batch of quests is also available for players to earn a few more Conquest Lances and other items. The third and final round will begin on Sunday.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Zog58

    Huh. I thought Hector/Takumi would be mainstays on these. Oh well. I’ll save my orbs then! This is a good time to go for IP, though.

    • 100%B-Type

      Well, this time is Countering Weapons instead of Skills like last time. But we will get our Takumi 4* soon~

      • Zog58

        True! I just wanted some more DC fodder.

  • Mattrex

    Luck shined on me today, free summon was Dorcas with +def -res.

    • 100%B-Type

      Me too! Spd+ Def- but I´m happy anyways~

    • JC

      Nice! No such luck for me, as I only managed a 4* Raigh, though my partner snagged a +Def Hardin for his free summon, so at least one of us was happy haha

  • ronin4life

    Tried for Ryoma today, the only Fates Sibling to have eluded me now that we get Takumi for free, on a whim.
    Get 5-star Magic Eirika, who I never wanted, instead. Humph.

    PS: I already had 2 5-star normal Eirika too, so. Yea.