Heroes: May & June Event Calendar!

The previous calendar has now run its course, but Fire Emblem Heroes was kind enough to share the next May & June Event Calendar with us! Check it out here:

UPDATE: Heroes updated this calendar on 14 May to correct one of the banner titles. The calendar above, and the text listing below, have since been updated to reflect the correction.

The calendar gives us dates and hints towards a bunch of upcoming banners and events. Most interestingly, a new set of Special Heroes will be releasing on 21 May! It was around this time last year that we got the first Bridal Blessings summoning event, so these new heroes may be similar. Perhaps we’ll finally get matching grooms?

We also have many large events coming up, including a new Tap Battle on Monday, Tempest Trials+ starting on the 25th, and more. Additionally, some events hint at other happenings, like the “New Power” banner that starts on 10 June, which may indicate another Weapon Refinery update before then.

Scroll further down for a full text breakdown of all upcoming events and banners. It’s going to be an exciting next month in Heroes!

May & June Event Calendar:
Summoning Focuses:
  • New Power: 16~26 May
  • Special Heroes: 21 May ~ 20 Jun
  • Tempest Trials+: 22 May ~ 3 Jun
  • Heroes with Stance Skills: 27 May ~ 9 Jun
  • Legendary Hero Event: 30 May ~ 6 Jun
  • Bound Hero Battle: 5~11 Jun
  • New Heroes: 8~20 Jun
  • New Power: 10~22 Jun
Special Maps & Events:
  • Illusory Dungeon: Sanctuary of the Mages: 12 May ~ 10 Jun
  • Grand Hero Battle: Julius: 14~22 May
  • Grand Conquests: 17~22 May
  • BHB Revival: Amelia & Tana: 23~29 May
  • Tempest Trials+: Loki’s Flames: 25 May ~ 3 Jun
  • Voting Gauntlet: 1~6 Jun
  • Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Julia: 5~11 Jun
  • Special Maps: Four Heroes: 8~21 Jun
New Quests:
  • Weapon Workout Quests: 18~31 May
  • Heroes & Legends Quests: 3~16 June
Log-In Bonuses:
  • Special Heroes Bonus: 21 May ~ 4 Jun
  • Tempest Trials Bonus: 22 May ~ 3 Jun
  • Voting Gauntlet Bonus: 29 May ~ 11 Jun
  • New Heroes Celebration Bonus: 8~20 Jun
Special Promos:
  • June Special Orb Promo: 8~21 Jun
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