Heroes: Grand Hero Battle: Julius!

Love for Genealogy of the Holy War continues to pour in in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare your strongest team to tackle Grand Hero Battle: Julius, now available in the Special Maps menu.

Julius is a particularly devious boss. His unique tome, Loptous, requires you to attack him “effective against dragons” weaponry, otherwise you pay a harsh -Atk penalty. Complete all three maps to earn three copies of Julius, one 3★ and two 4★, as well as 2,000 Hero Feathers. You can see his Infernal difficulty stats and skills, as well as the Infernal map layout, below.

Grand Hero Battle: Julius will be available for a little over a week, ending on 23 May.

Additionally, Heroes has shared an updated event calendar for May and June. The banner starting on 27 May should have been titled “Heroes with Stance Skills”. The original article detailed the event calendar is now updated to reflect this change.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor