Heroes: Bridal Banner

If you’re following FE_Heroes_JP’s Twitter, you’ll see that they just posted news about the next incoming bridal banner.

News should hit in a few days as to whom we’re receiving, so look forward to speculation in the meantime on our forums!

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  • Kneekicker

    Those black things look somewhat like ripped strips of cloth, and in that case the left and right figures respectively looks like they’re recoiling and clutching their shoulder.

    I managed to guess precisely 0/4 correct from the last Bride banner, so I’m gonna withhold from this one since I haven’t got a clue on who those two figures are, though Eirika and Lucina are strong guesses since they both have connections to the class.

    Having a new Lucina so soon after the Legendary Lyn fiasco is certainly going to cause an outrage though, so here’s hoping IS can avoid that landmine

  • mrkisukes

    Both definitely look to be the silhouette of their damaged state, seemingly intentional to hide their identity more then previously. The right is the only one with any kind of distinct feature and that is that you can make out the ends of her hair being straight. The only one to really come to mind that matches that hair style is Rhajat. The left could possibly be Azura with what looks to be that tassel in her hair, but considering the Lyn controversy, I really don’t want them to make the same mistake with Azura. Then again, it might be Ninian, which if that’s the case…dope.

  • Mattey

    My guesses are Ninian on the left and Tharja/Rhajat on the right. The one on the left looks like she has Ninian’s hair tassle things, but it could be ripped shreds of veil since this seems to be damaged art. I can’t think of who else has long hair like that though. Well, I have ideas but they wouldn’t make much sense (Edain, maybe Cecilia)

  • Fallen Crow

    Right- Ike (PoR)
    Left- Ike (RD)

    • Fallen Crow

      Speaking of, I hope we get some MENS in this banner.

    • Bongo Beans

      Nah, Hector and Arden.

      • Fallen Crow

        Oh I see it now

  • Kenyowa

    What we want: Ninian, Tharja, Celica, Deirdre, maybe Lilina or Eirika
    What we’re probably going to get: Axe Lyn, Spear Lyn, Dagger Lyn, and Manakete Lyn

  • Pelleas

    Gunnthra and Soren, easy

  • speedster

    Highly likely Ninian on the left

    • Reuska

      if so, then a tank dancer, mark my words 😀

    • Stevosan

      I agree, but can’t help but be confused by the mad spiral thing on the left and the giant rabbit ear like shape on the left, I was trying to work out who has their hair in. Either spiral ringlets or bulky side bangs, but I’ve got nothing, Haha. Ah well. I’m guessing Sakura, For the right one or Katarina, and Elise, Emmeryn or obviously Ninian. But who knows…

  • Reuska

    My first thought was Elise and Sakura because I can see some hair resemblance and they are both very skinny (their waist). But I’ll be more than happy to be WRONG. I don’t want those two as brides, no. That Ninian tip is valid.

    But I don’t care much about brides, I want GROOMS, intsys. Give Marth a fricking alt for Naga’s sake. And Ryoma. In wedding Kimono…

    • Ember Hermin


  • 100%B-Type

    Last time was Mystery, Awakening, Fates & Blazing on the run.
    Maybe this time too…

  • Sisyphe

    For people saying it probably won’t be someone popular because of the Lyn controversy: they prepare these so far in advance that people’s reaction to Lyn is irrelevant. And it’s not even as if they could choose not to release them, since they probably don’t have anybody in reserve. So it could be anybody. It could be another Bridal Lyn and they would still go forward with it, because of all the time and effort.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    My hopes are for a staff unit in this banner.

  • Kurono

    Right- Lyn
    Left- Lyn

    I think Eirika would appear on this banner, and they would put incestous jokes as well.
    I wish they make a groom banner this year, but unfortunely husbando don’t sell games, waifu sells.

  • Ember Hermin

    I lowkey want a “tragic bride” summon, with people like Rinea, Elena, Deirdre, Nyna, Priscilla, Ena, Melady (or however you spell her name), maybe Eirika (if you believe she was in love with Lyon).

    … But more than that, I want grooms. Marriage Marth pls

    • 高雄

      bridal Priscilla. oh no, my nonexistent orbs.

  • Marine

    According to what I’ve seen on social media, it’s Ninian, Tharja, and Sanaki (?!?!). One of them is pretty likely going to be a Tempest Trials unit, looking at how these usually go.

    I’m stoked about the first two, I love Ninian a lot and now I’ll have 3 Tharjas to be the girlfriends of my 3 f!Robins, but… Sanaki? Really? She’s 10/13 years old, depending on the game she’s in, and making her a part of a /bridal/ banner is.. kind of extremely skeevy. Ugh.

    • Vaximillian

      It *is* Ninian, Tharja, and Sanaki. Tempest reward will be Marth.

      Making Sanaki a bride was completely eww on Intsys’ side.