Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Loki’s Flames Banner & Details!

Another special event is arriving soon in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare for the latest TT with the Tempest Trials+: Loki’s Flames Banner. It contains special 5★ focus units for Marth, Tharja, Sanaki, and Ninian.

As expected, all four of these units will be bonus allies alongside their new Bridal versions. You can summon the three female brides in the latest Bridal Bloom banner. Groom Marth will be available as a reward unit within the Trials themselves.

Additionally, the Notification Screen announced that Flier Formation 1 will be available as a new Sacred Seal this TT+! The reward preview shows that we’ll get a Wind Blessing as 12,500 as well.

The Tempest Trials+ event will be starting up this Friday, 25 May. The event and the associated banner will be around through 4 June. We also get a special Log-In Bonus celebrating the upcoming event for the next ten days. Build up your team and begin to prepare for the battles ahead!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • mrkisukes

    Flier Formation will be helpful for flier emblem teams, but it won’t be meta defining…I think it’ll actually be a while before they decide to hand out another meta defining SS like Quick Riposte.

    • Daniel Smith

      Its kinda sad though… ive been waiting for vantage for months

      but all 3 of these seals are good, so the only thing I’m sad about is not having hardly any coins

  • Shenai

    How convenient. Marth is part of my TT core. And Flier Formation sacred seal will make flier teams even more ridiculously mobile.

  • 3-13 Archer

    Great, I don’t have any of them at 5*! Maybe I’l try to unsuccessfully get a normal Ninian for 10th time… And Flier Formation? What’s the point in doing the impossible to nerf horses if they’ll buff fliers like there’s no tomorrow?

    • Zog58

      I think that’s mostly because all bows wreck fliers aside from Raven builds. Unless they are willing part with an A slot, there is only one Iote seal, so theoretically they should be easier to deal with.

      I do wonder if weapons like FE4’s Wing Clipper will ever come out, though.

      • 3-13 Archer

        Well, aside Brave Lyn bows are something rare to see, but is understandable.
        Wing Clipper would be cool, I wonder who should wield it. Larcei? Ulster? Beowulf?

        • Zog58

          For some reason I want to say Beowulf, since the weapon was easily obtained in Gen 1, but he may get the Beo sword instead, so who knows.

    • I’m convinced this game hates us. I have a 5*+3 Ninian and I haven’t even tried pulling for her once.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I got a Ninian from the Bridal Bloom Banner. I gave her Res Tactic and now she is part of my Tactic Team, alongside Legendary Ike, Siegbert and Legendary Lyn. I will probably use this team, because they work so well together.
    My other possible team is Marth, Fjorm, Bride Lyn and PA!Azura. Marth is my main, so will be good to have him.
    But I want to use Groom Marth in my team. Marth, Bride Lyn, Bride Niniam and Groom Marth will be the 3rd team.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I wanted a red orb as my free summon, but only blue and green orbs appeared, with a 3* F!Corrin.

    I still need more 3 Marths for my merges, and after I complete my +10 Marth, I will probably work in… maybe Lilina, she surprised me after receive the new weapon. I will probably keep the Death Blow 3 on her, but Darting Blow is also a option, so I can make Swift Sparrow 3. If I give her Swift Sparrow 2, she will be a Atk version of Ishtar.
    Gunnhtrá is another +10 project. She is +3 now.

  • That doesn’t look like Bridelia repeat, IS.

    • Zog58

      I would say she’s coming in a VG banner but time will tell.

  • ashlyn

    ugh I wanted another 5* Tharja for my merge project. She’s currently +5, but all I got was a 3* Seth. He’s been plaguing me on the bridal banner and now on this banner. IS just really doesn’t want me to have Tharja.