Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Loki’s Flames + Spd Feint Bug

There’s a storm brewing in Fire Emblem Heroes. Build up a strong team and prepare to enter Tempest Trials+: Loki’s Flames, now available in the Events menu.

Within Múspell, Laegjern confronts Loki about her intentions. She fears that Loki has ulterior motives regarding her work with Surtr, but Loki brushes the conversation off. It seems the trickster has work to do elsewhere…

The main page for the event shows your current points and the event’s Bonus Allies. All three of the new brides in the Bridal Bloom banner are available, as is Marth: Altean Groom. You can also use the non-bride versions of all four characters. Confront Loki on a new final map within Múspell. You can see her Lunatic stats and skills below.

The rewards structure for this event follows the new point pattern established with the advent of Tempest Trials+, maxing out at 50,000 points.

Here’s a look at the reward highlights:

  • Units: 4★ Marth: Altean Groom at 1,000 and 5★ Marth: Altean Groom at 15,000.
  • Sacred Seals: Atk/Def 1 at 6,000, Spd Smoke 1 at 10,000, and Flier Formation 1 at 20,000.
  • Wind Blessing at 12,500
  • Orbs, Hero Feathers, Sacred Coins, Shards, and Crystals galore!

Tempest Trials+: Loki’s Flames will fade away into the mists on Monday, 4 June.

Additionally, Heroes has acknowledged a bug With Bride Tharja’s Spd Feint skill. See the Notifications Screen for full details regarding the bug. Heroes aims to fix the bug with the next planned update scheduled for early June. This is the first information we’ve seen regarding the next update, so hopefully we’ll get more information soon.

Daily Tempest Trials Quests
Quest Description Reward
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials. 2 Refining Stones
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials. 1 Stamina Potion
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials twice. 1,500 Universal Crystals
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials thrice. 150 Hero Feathers
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • ashlyn

    I still think that the bug with Tharja is pretty funny to watch happen. I’ve only been able to watch it happen through videos though because I haven’t summoned her yet. Still hoping to get her!

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I was worry about Loki… but this Tempest Trial is pretty easy. My Team:
    Legendary Ike (+Def/-HP): Ragnell / Reposition / Radiant Aether / Warding Breath / Quick Riposte 3 / Def Tactic 3 / Distant Def 3 SS;
    Siegbert (+Spd/-HP): Dark Greatsword / Reposition / Draconic Aura / Death Blow 3 / Swordbreaker 3 / Atk Tactic 3 / Def Tactic 3 SS;
    Legendary Lyn (+Res/-Def): Swift Mulagir / Reposition / Luna / Laws of Sacae / Desperation 3 / Spd Tactic 3 / Atk Smoke 3 SS;
    Bride Ninian (+HP/-Def): Fresh Bouquet (Spd) / Dance / Glimmer / Attack/Res 2 / Chill Atk 3 / Res Tactic 3 / Breath of Life 2 SS.

  • 3-13 Archer

    I’m forced to use that Marth, but at least he’s pretty decent and fast.
    By the way, I suspected that Loki wouldn’t be of Muspell, since everyone there has a dark tone in their skin, and that she should have other intentions. Also, our protagonists found a way to defeat Surtr too soon for him being the actual main antagonist. There must be a dark dragon involved somewhere, I think they mentioned something about that.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Goddammit, that Loki is a bitch! No, really, her stats are ridiculously overpowered! I hate her more than ever before now!