Heroes: Version 2.6 Update Notification + Voting Gauntlet Announcement!

After the day’s earlier preview trailer, we weren’t expecting much else new with Heroes today. However, the game decided to drop down the Version 2.6 Update Notification! Read on below for more details of what we can expect for the next update in early June.

The Version 2.6 Update will bring a lot of new things to the game. Some of the bigger changes include an expanded Allies menu, changes to Arena Assault scoring, and the addition of Accessories! The update also brings some expected enhancements, such as further additions to the Weapon Refinery, and more smaller changes as well.

Once again, Heroes will have a maintenance period before the update goes live. It’s scheduled to begin at 10:00pm UTC on Thursday, 7 June. The update download will go live as soon as maintenance is over.

Additionally, the upcoming Voting Gauntlet: Heroes & Legends has been formally revealed! It features the four free Heroes original characters duking it out against four legendary heroes. Check out the bracket below:

The Voting Gauntlet begins this Friday, 1 June, and will last through the 7th. A special Log-In Bonus to celebrate the upcoming event also began today. Since the five summonable heroes in this Gauntlet are only available via Legendary Hero summoning events, we may not get a separate Voting Gauntlet banner. May the best hero win!


One of the most promoted changes in the 2.6 Update is the addition of cosmetic Accessories for Heroes mini-sprites. Below, you can see a couple samples, such as Marth rocking a mysterious mask and Alfonse wearing Feh as a hat. You’ll be able to show off these accessories to other players via the Arena.

According to the update text, you’ll be able to earn accessories multiple ways, including through events or quests. It doesn’t say if they’ll be purchasable.

Weapon Refinery Updates

Both Young Tiki and Adult Tiki will gain access to a new preferred weapon, the Breath of Fog. Additionally, Breath of Fog will be able to be further refined, as will Linde’s Aura and Merric’s Excalibur.

We don’t yet know what these refinements will entail.

New Allies Menu

Once of the most extensive enhancements of the 2.6 Update is the new Allies menu. The new menu reorganizes many previous ally-related settings in new ways. Here’s a sample of what the new menu will look like, including a few new options:

  • Ally Growth: Level Up, Learn Skill, and related options. There will also be an Auto-Learn option added to the Learn Skill menu that will automatically learn and equip skills based on yours hero’s SP.
  • Change Equipment: Equip Skills, Equip Seals, and other related options. This will also be where you can change your heroes’ Accessories.
  • Interact with Allies: Ally Support, Summoner Support, Catalog of Heroes, Hero Merit List, and related options.

Additionally, we’ll be getting eight different types of Favorite marks in different colours. You’ll be able to sort allies by the different Favorite categories within any Ally searching menu. You’ll also be able to sort allies by Accessory.

Arena Assault Scoring Changes

You’ll be able to increase your Arena Assault scoring by using Legendary Heroes and/or heroes with the appropriate elemental Blessing. Every hero that matches for a given season will increase your score by 1.

This change will go into effect starting with the Arena Season that begins on 12 June, the first new season after the update. That season will also offer slightly higher amounts of Hero Feathers for rank rewards.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • SP gained by leveling heroes will increase
  • Shards earned at the Training Tower will increase
  • Labels will be added to the Home Screen icons, such as this example of Feh:
  • ! icons will be added to events after an event has ended if you have not collected your final rewards.
  • Future GC events will be more clear about point displays
  • Weapon Icons will be added to Bonus Unit displays for Arena and TT
  • Associated colours for focus heroes will be made more clear in future banners.
  • Bride Tharja’s bug will be fixed.
About the Author: Kirie
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