Heroes: Scattered Fangs Summoning Focus + Version 2.6 Update!

Three new heroes have just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Scattered Fangs Summoning Focus to try your luck at one of three new 5★ heroes: Karla, Legault, or the new flying Nino. As of this banner, Kaze has also been added to the summoning pool at 3★ and 4★.

A new Story Mode chapter is also available alongside the new banner. Clear Book II, Chapter 10: The King’s Demise to see the ending of the Book II story arc! Complete all five chapters to earn up to 15 Orbs, plus another five from the associated Lunatic quests.

To celebrate the new heroes and story chapter, Heroes has also started a new Log-In Bonus! As usual, we’ll get a total of 13 Orbs over the next 10 days. The June Orb Promo is also available in the Shop. It contains 21 Orbs and also 60 Refining Stones. It costs €10.99/US$9.99.

The Scattered Fangs Summoning Focus and its associated story quests will be available for about two weeks, ending on 21 June. The June Orb Promo also ends on that day.

Additionally, the Version 2.6 Update is also live! This update brings lots of new, cool stuff to Heroes, including Accessories, new Weapon Refinements, an expanded Allies menu, and more! Squad Assault 11 is now also available. Click on the “Read More” to see a text breakdown of the new update goodies.

Finally, we also get some new Quests and Special Maps starting today! Over the next four days we’ll be getting four different Four Heroes Special Maps, starting with Roy for today. Tailtiu, Barst, and Kaze are the other three heroes. Clear the Normal version of each map for a 3★ version of the associated hero, and the Hard version for one Orb.

The Yay, Accessories! Quests are also available now. Complete three different missions to obtain three additional Accessories: a Seashell Hairpin, a Mysterious Mask, and a Spring Bunny Hat. These quests will be available for a good long while, ending on 20 July.

UPDATE: Something in the update broke the current Tap Battle and all progress has been reset. You can replay the old levels, but you won’t actually get any of the stated rewards. Heroes will be giving out Orbs in compensation for this error at a later date. Furthermore, the error announcement indicated that the next Tap Battle will begin on Monday, 11 June.

Allies Menu Expansion

The Allies Menu has been completely changed and revamped! Here’s how it looks now:

Each of the three options with a green + next to it opens a sub-menu when selected:

Of all of these options, only one is actually new, the Equip Accessories option. Check out the Accessories section below for more information.

Additionally, Heroes players now have eight different Favorite options to use to mark their heroes. Tap on an ally’s heart/favorite icon on their profile page to see the new options. Within any hero-sorting menu, you can then tap on the heart icon on the left to easily sort between the eight different types.

Furthermore, you can now choose to “Auto Learn” skills for any ally with unlearned skills and the appropriate amount of SP.


You can now equip your favourite heroes with Accessories! You can view and change Accessories within the new Equip Accessories section of the Change Equipment menu.

The first time you load the Equip Accessories screen, you’ll receive two new accessories: the Feh Doll and the Enigmatic Mask. Both of these Accessories are free gifts to all players from the recent Retweet Promotion.

Select the hero of your choice and then you can swap between your Accessories to see which one you think suits them best. Personally, I really think Yune and Feh would be nice friends, so I chose to give Micaiah the Feh Doll.

We’ll be receiving more Accessories in the future via events, quests, and more, so keep your eyes open! Three additional Accessories are already available in the current Yay! Accessories Quests.

New Weapon Refinements

Both 5★ Adult Tiki and 5★ Young Tiki now have access to a new weapon, the Breath of Fog.

  • Breath Of Fog: 16 Might, 1 Range, Effective against dragon foes. At the start of every second turn, restores 10 HP. If foe’s Range = 2, calculates damage using the lower of foe’s Def or Res.

Furthermore, the Breath of Fog can be additionally enhanced via the Weapon Refinery. The new skill refinery option is as follows:


  • Breath of Fog: HP +3. Effective against dragon foes. At the start of every second turn, restores 10 HP. If foe’s Range = 2, calculates damage using the lower of foe’s Def or Res. If unit is within 2 spaces of sword or dragon ally, grants Atk/Def+5 during combat.


Additionally, Linde’s Aura and Merric’s Excalibur can be further enhanced via the Weapon Refinery as well. Both weapons have an additional upgrade applied to all refinements, and also an extra skill refinement. These upgrades are listed below:

All Refinements:
  • Aura: 14 Might, 2 Range, At start of turn, grants Atk+6 to adjacent magic and staff allies for 1 turn.
  • Excalibur: 14 Might, 2 Range, Effective against flying units. Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1).
Special Skill Refinement:
  • Aura: At start of turn, grants Atk+6 to adjacent magic and staff allies for 1 turn. If unit is within 2 spaces of magic or staff ally, grants Atk/Spd+5 during combat.
  • Excalbur: Effective against flying units. Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If unit is within 2 spaces of magic or staff ally, grants Atk/Spd+5 during combat.
Arena Assault Scoring Changes

You’ll be able to increase your Arena Assault scoring by using Legendary Heroes and/or heroes with the appropriate elemental Blessing. Every hero that matches for a given season will increase your score by 1.

This change will go into effect starting with the next Arena Season on 12 June. This season will also offer slightly higher amounts of Hero Feathers for rank rewards.

Miscellaneous Updates
  • Squad Assault 11 has been added.
  • SP gained by leveling heroes has increased.
  • Shards earned at the Training Tower have increases.
  • Labels have been added to the Home Screen icons.
  • ! icons will be added to events after an event has ended if you have not collected your final rewards.
  • Future GC events will be more clear about point displays.
  • Weapon Icons have been added to Bonus Unit displays for Arena and TT.
  • Associated colours for focus heroes have been made clearer for banners.
  • The Spd Feint bug has been fixed.


About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Suicunesol

    Guh, only enough orbs for 3 rolls. Raven, followed by 5 star Deirdre. Followed by Karla.

    The rates in this game are just sometimes too good to believe.

    Karla’s art is by Senri Kita, too. Looks amazing…

  • mrkisukes

    Pulled a Nino on my 2 summon, doesn’t matter that her IVs are basically neutral, I’m just glad she’s neither -Atk or -Spd.

  • DimensionDrifter

    How come no one mentioned how Kaze secretly ninja’d himself into the 3* / 4* pool for the new banner?

  • sub 40 orbs for Legault, Karla, and Elincia. nothing to complain about this time.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Now, with the adition of Kaze to the summoning pool, this maybe open the possibility of Tempest Trial units to be added too (except the seasonal units). Would be
    cool to have units like Joshua or Gerome in the pool, because they have
    good skills.

    • Zog58

      I still can’t believe we can just summon Atk Smoke at 4 stars. I know it’s a seal but that is still amazing for other combos and solo runs.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        Yeah! And Atk Smoke C-skill can be used alongside Spd Smoke SS to reduce enemy’s attack power.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Interesting story chapter. I can see Fjorm’s brother to be added in the next update. Also, it’s good to have another easy Squad Assaut, but I would like new type of seal as reward.
    And for F2P players, or players who want to use F2P units in videos, Roy and Tailtiu are good units!
    About the weapon refinements… I am not sure if refined Excalibur will help Merric, but I am happy for him. The same goes for Linde. The problem we need to have more than 1 mage in the team, or a healer (which will receive a great adition with Live to Serve sacred seal in the next TT). The Tikis, in the other hand, I have a mixed feelings about them. For Young Tiki… good for her. Breath of Fog is pretty cool. For Adult Tiki… I am not sure. Without a Distant Counter skill available, I am not sure if I will trade Lighting Breath for the new weapon. Still waiting for Azura, Robin and the Askr Trio refinements/new weapons.
    And I am a neutral position about acessories. Never used in Fates, and maybe this will happen in Heroes too.

  • Zog58

    Got 2 Nino, a Julia and a Nephenee from attempting to snipe greens and choosing blues when there were none in about 120 orbs. No amazing IV’s but at least my Nino merge project can begin in earnest.

    Story chapter was… ok. I definitely think Fjorm’s bro is the next LH, there has been too much talk of him lately. I can see him being an axe infantry, but we really have no idea what he looks like as of now. Interesting to see what this “Rite of Flames” is all about though. At least Surtr hasn’t gone down like a total chump yet.

  • O.H. X-1990

    I don’t believe it, Surtr is invincible! …Well, that’s it, my attempt to kill that evil bastard who ruined my once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a free Gunnthrá was all in vain, because Surtr has already completed the Rite or Flames. Wait, did he sacrificed Veronica already? And I still didn’t see this “Hríd” person, nor do we know if the Ylgr I rescued is the real Ylgr or Loki in disguise!

    …Anywho, WHAT THE HELL?! I ended up getting 5 useless 3-Star Heroes in a row, followed by another useless 3-Star Hero! This game trolled me once again, and this time, it’s the biggest trolling they have ever done to me! SCREW THIS GAME!!

    • Diovani Estivalet

      I love your comments. Every time I am feeling bad, I read your comments and I begin to feel better by knowing there is a person who life is saddest than mine.

      • O.H. X-1990

        Piss off, you glory hog troll! How come you get all of the Legendary Heroes when I only have 2?! I don’t need a pity from a rich bastard such as you!

      • Aveyn Knight

        Hiya, please try not to egg on other users.

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Sorry. I promise this will not happen again. Well… at least not from me. ^^

          • Kneekicker

            To be fair, you’d have to be a saint not to get agitated by that guy. You could try blocking him, but you’d still know if he’s around because someone inevitably replies to him.

    • Aveyn Knight

      Hiya, I understand your frustration. But please try not to get riled up by other users.

      • O.H. X-1990

        Hey, I can’t help it if they mock my failures with their successes, them being rich with money while I’m broke.

    • Sara Jaye

      At this point I just want Sutr to die and I don’t care how anticlimatic it is. Even if he chokes on a piece of bread or gets squished by a falling pegasus. The only bright side is the hope that we’ll get to meet Hrid in the next chapter.

      Sorry to hear about your awful luck. 🙁 I went in expecting the same, and the game decided to be nice and give me a 5-Star Legault. I think it felt bad for getting me hopes up about Sutr dying.

  • 3-13 Archer

    One does not simply kill Ganondorf without him being reincarnated (again).
    And I don’t know what happened in this banner, but I got my first Hector and Legault on my first session. Then, another Legault, and I really wanted his Tactics.