Echoes: Drama CD “Foreign Skies; Daybreak Forest” Announced

A year after the game’s release, a new drama CD for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, dubbed “Foreign Skies; Daybreak Forest”, will be released in Japan on 17th August 2018.

Fire Emblem isn’t new when it comes to drama CDs, with Awakening and Fates receiving a bunch of them. For those unsure, drama CDs are basically audio CDs and they usually feature side stories.

Here’s the translated description from the drama CD’s official site.

Valentia Year 401

Chancellor Desaix has been defeated and Zofia Castle has been reclaimed.

The Deliverance led by Alm crushed General Berkut at Rigel’s borders and has started to advance into the Rigelian Empire.

As the march into enemy territory is progressing smoothly, trouble breaks out within the Kingdom of Zofia.

Clive, a key member of the Deliverance, sorties a part of the Deliverance to resolve the situation.

During the march, Alm discovers a village that has been converted into an imperial base, and prompted by Lukas, must make a terrible decision whether to burn down the village—

As soon as Alm entered the empire, somebody was waiting for him to step foot in Rigel Forest…

Authored by the development staff, an original story encompassing a whopping 90 minutes! Alm’s inner conflict, Lukas’s anger, Forsyth’s anguish, Python’s chivalry, and Faye and Silque’s girl talk!? This is an original drama CD that occurs during Act 4, when the Deliverance spend several days in Rigel Forest.

The bonus track “The Voice Calling for You” is a vocal track included for the first time! This previously unheard song that tells another ending will soon come to light…!

Product Details

Release Date 17th August 2018
Price 3,500 Yen (inc. tax)
Contents 12cm CD x2, Bonus Track “The Voice Calling for You”
Product Code QWCI-00001/02
JAN Code 4589875320803
Label and Publisher Intelligent Systems

Track List

Disk 1

  1. Invaders
  2. Nimble Assassin
  3. Baffling Forest
  4. Whereabouts of Justice
  5. Premonition
  6. What to Believe

Disk 2

  1. Towards the Light
  2. Battle at Dawn
  3. Encounter and Farewell
    Bonus Track: “The Voice Calling You”

The voice cast includes the (Japanese) voice actors for Alm, Lukas, Python, Forsyth, Tobin, Kliff, Faye and Silque.

In addition, there are some original characters: Yuri, Mother (as in from a church), Magnus and Vidal. Presumably the named characters are from the Deliverance or Rigel.

From 22nd June, there will be weekly samples added to the website. Then from 13th July, it will switch over to weekly cast comments until 10th August. (Then on the following week, the CD is out.)

Currently it’s not known if there will be more drama CDs for Shadows of Valentia, but since this one is clearly Alm-themed, it wouldn’t be surprising for there to be at least a Celica-themed one.

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