Heroes: June & July Event Calendar + New Tap Battle!

We now have the newest schedule for Fire Emblem Heroes! Check out the latest June & July Event Calendar below:

The calendar gives us dates for many new upcoming banners and events. Most notably, a new Tempest Trials+ will be starting up this Saturday, followed immediately by Grand Conquests and Voting Gauntlet. We’ll also be getting new Special Heroes on 21 June and again on 10 July! You can also see a text breakdown of all events below.

Additionally, the newest Tap Battle also starts today! Check out Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon – Legendary Heroes in the Events menu. Aside from playing the various levels, Daily Quests are also starting up today. Another series of quests will be available starting on 14 June.

This Legendary Heroes Tap Battle will be available a full month, ending on 11 July. Both sets of quests will end on 25 June.

June & July Event Calendar:
Summoning Focuses:
  • Tempest Trials+: 13 Jun ~ 25 Jun
  • Special Heroes: 21 Jun ~ 24 Jul
  • Heroes with Death Blow: 23 Jun ~ 5 July
  • Legendary Hero Event: 28 Jun ~ 4 Jul
  • Bound Hero Battle: 5~11 Jul
  • Heroes with Luna: 6~16 Jul
  • Special Heroes: 10 Jul ~ 9 Aug
Special Maps & Events:
  • Grand Hero Battle: Linus: 12~18 Jun
  • Tempest Trials+: Feud of the Fangs: 16~25 Jun
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Oliver: 19~27 Jun
  • Grand Conquests: 26 Jun ~ 1 Jul
  • Legendary Hero Battle: 28 Jun ~ 4 Jul
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Lyon: 29 Jun ~ 7 Jul
  • Voting Gauntlet: 2~7 Jul
  • Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew: 5~11 Jul
New Quests:
  • Weekly Arena Quests: 13~25 Jun
  • Fire Blessing Quests: 3~16 Jul
Log-In Bonuses:
  • Tempest Trials+ Bonus: 22 May ~ 3 Jun
  • Special Heroes Bonus: 21 Jun ~ 5 Jul
  • Voting Gauntlet Bonus: 29 Jun ~ 12 Jul
  • Special Heroes Bonus: 10~23 Jul
Special Promos:
  • July Special Orb Promo: 10~23 Jul
Chronological List of Events by Starting Date:
Week of 10~16 June
  • Grand Hero Battle: Linus: 12 June
  • Banner & Log-In Bonus for Tempest Trials+: 13 June
  • Weekly Quests for Arena: 14 June
  • Tempest Trials+: Feud of the Fangs: 16 June
Week of 17~23 June
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Oliver: 19 June
  • Banner & Log-In Bonus for Special Heroes: 21 June
  • Banner for Heroes with Death Blow: 23 June
Week of 24~30 June
  • Grand Conquests: 26 June
  • Banner & Battle for New Legendary Hero: 28 June
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Lyon: 29 June
  • Log-In Bonus for Voting Gauntlet: 29 June
Week of 1~7 July
  • Voting Gauntlet: 2 July
  • Fire Blessing Quests: 3 July
  • Bound Hero Battle & Banner: Hector & Matthew: 5 July
  • Banner for Heroes with Luna: 6 July
Week of 8~14 July
  • Banner & Log-In Bonus for Special Heroes: 10 July
  • July Orb Promo: 10 July
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • 3-13 Archer

    No new heroes, only swimsuits… We need some Sword of Seals and Radiant Dawn.
    At least I have another chance to beat Lyon Infernal, since it was a real pain back then.

    • Reuska

      Me: No new story chapter and Hríd, RIP.

      • Logan Bests

        Seeing as a Blue/Fire legendary hero with a Res buff is coming (Legendary Athos would be amazing!) Until the next cycle (which would probably begin with Wind), I don’t think Hrid will be showing up as summonable until Earth/Water sword/Tome.

        • Reuska

          I didn’t mean summonable right off the bat, but revealed. Design, personality, weapon and such. I have a theory they might “legendarize” only those Nífl characters that will die during the Múspell agression. Gunny is dead and Fjorm is pretty much set to pay with her life for the Rite of Ice in the end imo. And those two are legendary.

          Then again, it would be a bad marketing move to not give us the other characters eventually – as long as people are willing to pay for them huh? 🙂

          • Logan Bests

            Yeah. I kinda wanna see Hrid too. I mean, the guy straight up pulled an “Ephraim” on Surtr. So he needs to be badass. I kinda want him to be a legendary Dagger unit but im fine with another sword. Just kinda wished they gave us some Muspell Characters in as well (Laevateinn, Laegaern? And Helbindi were really good units.)

          • Reuska

            My guess is ice archer 🙂

    • was it that difficult? though I guess it’s relative to which units you have.

    • Logan Bests

      I actually had to use a guide at the time to complete it. I’ll probably still be able to wreck it with my own CC Lyon though

  • speedster

    Nice. I can save orbs for the entire month

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I hope to see Archanean and/or Valentian Summer, but please no Summer Celica.

  • dmurr

    I hope they do something different for summer than swimsuits.. we have 8 swimsuit units already.

    • Kneekicker

      Aside from dressing characters up for the Hoshidan equivalent of Tanabata (which would admittedly be great), I can’t exactly see anything but swimsuits for banners since they’ve got universal appeal.

      There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of swimsuit units so long as the original characters don’t already have too many alts. Imagine the outcry if Summer Lyn became a thing

  • 100%B-Type

    Next Legendary Hero could be Eliwood, with all these Black Fang Events and TT+ and even a BHB with Hector & Matthew, last time Lyn as Legendary Hero and in August time for CYL2 with Hector. But it´s just speculation for fun~
    Awakening Beach DLC with Tharja when? (°w° )

    • Mason Klaus

      Its possible but then again everyone thought the last Legendary was gonna be a fire hero, possibly Roy, but we wound up with a flying Ryoma as a water hero so theres really no telling till the banner appears. Personally I’m hoping for maybe Jaffar or even Brendan Reed, heck I’d take Ursula, just someone thats actually connected to Black Fang itself so long as its NOT Sonia. I hate her with a passion and take great satisfaction in killing her in the Water Temple gaiden chapter in 7, she’s the evilest woman I’ve ever seen in a game, I mean yeah theres plenty of evil female villains in games (though none that comes to mind right now) but at least they have a possible chance at redeeming themselves but not Sonia. She’s so evil that she’d order the death of her own daughter (but if you’ve played 7 then you know how well that went). I don’t know of any other female villains that would go THAT far just to get rid of her own kid. I could go on and on but that’d just make a wall of text so I won’t.

    • Kneekicker

      I’d love Summer Tharja as well as the remaining characters from Summer Scrabble and Beach Brawl, but since last year’s banners were focused on Awakening and Conquest it’s likely this year’s banners will also focus on specific games, and I’m not sure I want a second Awakening banner. Hopefully, one of the two features characters from mixed games so Tharja, Chrom, and/or Cordelia can appear in it.

      Eliwood could make for an interesting Legendary Hero, but I have a rather hard time imagining him without a sword and taking away his horse seems rather silly. I’m hoping the Legendary Hero is from a game which hasn’t had one yet, like perhaps Bow Alm or Horse Seliph.