Nintendo’s 2018 E3 Direct: All Details Fire Emblem Related (Fire Emblem Three Houses & Smash Bros)

If you’ve been keeping up with E3 over the past years, you’ll know that it’s one of the biggest tech conventions out there. Nintendo annually attends E3 and puts on a pretty huge presentation, dropping teasers and highlights of games and merchandise that’ll hit shelves for either the same day, or within the year.

Nintendo’s E3 2018 Recap

This year is no different, as Nintendo highlighted quite a bit this year in terms of gaming. We’re interested in how Fire Emblem fits into their grand scheme, and with Fire Emblem previously announced for the Switch, plus the presence of the Super Smash Bros invitational, you can bet that there’s at least some news in there for Fire Emblem fans.

Fire Emblem Three Houses comes out, looking downright incredible, with lightning fast load times, brigade based tiles, quite a bit of overworld exploration on foot, squad based controls, and an art style familiar to fans of the Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia series.

With dialogue choices impacting your future, there’s quite a bit to consider for the future, and with almost one more year of wait time ahead of us, it’s time to start your speculation. We’ll have a separate post breaking down Fire Emblem Three Houses in full, so keep your eyes open for that.

We’ve got quite a wait ahead of us though, as it was announced for Spring 2019.

That’s not all to look forward to, however.

Super Smash Bros returns to the switch, as expected, as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and brings with it classic fan favorites, like Mario and Lukas, well missed but returning hits like Snake and Pichu, as well as Fire Emblem staples such as Marth and Ike. To quote the devs, they’re all back. Interestingly, while Corrin and Robins were also present, Lucina’s presence indicated herself with a 21 E for her appearance placement, while many other characters didn’t have anything specially displayed. Don’t worry, they cover it.

The twist to this game, is that like in the N64 days, you start with a small roster (8 playables), and constantly unlock new characters as you proceed through the game.

Neat inclusions include confirmation on Ike having palettes for both his Path of Radiance version, as well as his Radiant Dawn version, both of which are voiced slightly differently.

Marth also comes in, fully voiced in English.

The Epsilon character indicates Echo Fighters, which are characters built in such a way that they’re more recognizable as similar but not identical to other character, characters.

Lyn remains as an Assist Trophy, but a slight modification makes it so that defeating Assist Trophy characters nets you a point in point based matches.

Lastly, we see other staples of things expected, such as inclusion of all stages previously seen, GameCube controller, enhanced amiibo compatibility, before the tease of new playable character Ridley from the Metroid franchise, all of which can be experienced first hand on December 7, 2018.

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  • Kim H Pham

    Holy crap you’re fast the direct ended like 3 minutes ago…

  • chris123sm

    Seems very promising so far; the art style is clean and the combat looks fresh. The cinematics were kinda awkward tho, same issue with Echoes where they seem choppy.

    • Suicunesol

      Not really an issue; it’s an intended style. There seems to be a belief that 3D cell-shaded cutscenes need to have the same choppiness as traditional 2D animation, otherwise it doesn’t look right. (I don’t agree with that belief though.)

  • nate

    side note marth now head stabs like in Mystery

  • Fallen Crow

    Yes!!! Finally a fire emblem game for switch :D!!!

  • Mason Klaus

    Three Houses looks great, sucks that its been delayed to 2019 though :(. Also Lyn is STILL an Assist Trophy? Seriously? Has Sakuri (if he’s still directing Smash) not learned anything? I mean I’m pretty sure he’s likely to have talked to IS devs for FE’s series and learned that Lyn is REALLY popular, not to mention she really should be playable over Lucina since Lucina is a straight up copy of Marth minus the extra damage from the tip of her sword.

    I guess they finally got around to getting Marth’s English VA to voice him again in Smash, which is fine by me. At least this time we’ll know what he’s saying during the victory screen.

    • mrkisukes

      Except that Lyn would end up just being a literal replacement to Lucina. And while Lyn is popular amongst FE fans, Lucina has gain larger popularity outside of the FE fanbase so it’s not actually a good move to just replace her with Lyn. Plus they probably intend to give us 1 additional FE character as DLC from the switch game so adding yet another FE sword character would cause all kinds of backlash. Also, also, FE7 is not currently relevant so unless a remake was gonna come out, she stood little chance of getting added (remember back to his statement about Robin and Lucina making it in because of the relevance of Awakening and Corrin’s inclusion as promotion for Fates).

      • Mason Klaus

        And yet I’ve seen some people want Lyn to replace Lucina or Corrin. Corrin has a unique moveset so he’s a no go but Lucina is a literal clone of Marth, only thing setting her apart is that she doesn’t need to rely on the tip of her Falchion to do damage. I had this discussion once before and I’ll say this, Roy can also be argued that he’s a clone of Marth too, I’ll not deny that, however he’s more of a semi-clone more than a full blown one like Lucina. He’s slightly slower, his neutral b is different where at full power he can ko someone in a instant with a minor 10% backlash to himself, his neutral A attack is different as are his A smashes, and instead of the tip of the Binding Blade, he wants to get up close and personal and use the middle part of the blade to do extra damage.

        And Lucina is only popular BECAUSE of Awakening and mostly by newer members of the series whereas Lyn has been known since 7 came to the rest of the world but the much older fans. Not to mention Lyn could have been easily added as a playable right alongside Ike in Brawl, which came way before anyone knew about Awakening yet she only wound up being a trophy. And I never 100% followed Smash’s development due to eyeing other games that were planned to come out at the same time. And another thing is that while its true that Awakening and Fates did well with sales they really shouldn’t be the ONLY ones focused on like they are somehow the only ones of the series, thats something that really annoyed me about Warriors since half the dang cast was Fates characters, the other half being Awakening with one at the time being an NPC (this is base game mind you), ONLY three characters from SD with one at the time being a NPC and then you have Lyn and Celica with no story relevance whatsoever and are only unlockable via History Mode. Don’t get me wrong, I like Warriors and hopefully a possible sequal will do better in the roster department.

        And I’m not saying Lucina should removed completely, just make her a skin for Marth since thats really what she should’ve been in the first place.

        And a possible remake for 7 somewhere in the near future? Yes please! Hopefully with 6 combined with it and does something similar to 4. First generation played first and then years later 6 takes place and we play as the second generation with a few of the first gen members here and there.

        • mrkisukes

          I do play Smash competitively so you don’t need to patronize me on the differences between the FE sword characters. My argument is that with Sakurai’s vision, they would not have been able to add Lyn in unless she were to be just another clones; by essentially replacing Lucina. They only had the dev time to add (to our current knowledge) 2 new characters along with every returning character, that is a lot of work.

          A lot of people are demanding Lyn, but a lot more people wouldn’t want her because they don’t know her. You really play up Lyn’s significance, but that is only within the western FE community, and the older fans at that. As much as it might pain you, us old fans don’t matter as much as you like to think; we’re a gross minority in the modern fanbase.

          And yes, relevancy matters a lot when it comes to character inclusion. Roy’s inclusion was promotion for FE6, Ike’s because PoR was the most recent FE game and they figured to replace Roy. And Robin and Lucina’s inclusions was tied to the relevancy an timing to Awakening’s release, this is not speculation on my part but actual confirmation from daddy Sakurai himself in interviews. Corrin like Roy, was promotion for Fates. So my reason for mentioning this is that unless there was a FE7 remake to make Lyn relevant again, she has no chance.
          Lyn will never get added, Hector will never get added, Camilla will never get added, Ephraim…and the list goes on and on. They’re not relevant enough to be added.

          And honestly, I don’t want anymore FE sword characters, and no one else does either. Everyone was pissed that Corrin was included, not because she lacked an original moveset, but because despite being a unique fighter she is another FE rep and people don’t want anymore.

          • Mason Klaus

            Didn’t mean to patronize you, I apologize for that. And unfortunately I have to agree that we older fans aren’t look at much, big shocker though since Awakening/Fates have taken over the spotlight. All I’m saying is those two need to take a backseat for a little while and have the others focused on some more.

            I knew Roy was added to Melee for 6’s promotion since it came out around the same time and thats really when Fire Emblem caught the interest of those outside Japan (I know it did for me at least), same with Corrin. And honestly while I would like Lyn to be more than a blasted assist trophy, I’d take just about any FE character that isn’t a mounted unit (since it would probably rather hard to have a horse running around on a somewhat small stage, fliers might be able to get away with it a little better but horses not so much). Lance, axe, a mage (Robin doesn’t count since he/she can actually fight back with his/her Bronze/Levin Sword), heck even an archer for ranged shenanigans will do, preferably a named one that is also playable in their respective game.

            I honestly wouldn’t mind if they didn’t put anymore sword FE characters in (hense why I said I’d take just about any FE character at this point), I just want Lyn to be playable thats all. And everyone may have been mad about Corrin but too bad for them he/she was already planned to be in Smash 4 since Fates was coming out a few weeks after his/her release. That much I know was mentioned from a dev interview.

          • mrkisukes

            It’s not up to Smash to celebrate the other FE games, that responsibility falls to games like Heroes and Warriors. So no, it’s not time for the Awakening/Fates characters to “take a backseat for a little while and have the others focused on some more” because that is antithetical to what Smash is, a celebration of gaming as a whole. It’s the reason why we don’t see picks like Toon Ganon or Toon Zelda added (both were demanded for way more than every FE pick combined), because I’ll say it agin…relevancy. That is why, plain and simple. characters get added in as either a legacy character (Pit, Marth, Lil Mac, etc.) or as the ‘current’ character (Ike, Toon Link, Shulk, etc.). So if you want to argue for a character outside of Awakening and Fates getting added, you’d have a better argument for the inclusion of either Alm or Celica.

          • Mason Klaus

            Eh, wouldn’t mind Alm or Celica being in to rep Echoes, problem with that is Alm is a 100% sword user before promote and Celica would be too much like Robin wielding sword and magic. Didn’t know Toon Ganon and Toon Zelda were in big demand for Smash, I do know that Ridely was in demand since Wii U but wasn’t put in Wii U because he was apparently too big yet it appears he’s playable in the new one. Same with Daisy despite the fact that she’s been a color alt for Peach. And apparently some character named Shovel Knight.

            I’ll be stopping this discussion so as to not make it possibly get ugly, something I doubt either of us want.

  • Filipe Ferreira de Oliveira

    fire emblem three house look’s like a mixture of echoes and the tellius series for what i can tell.

    • RNM714

      More like Fire Emblem by way of Trails of Cold Steel, with the whole military academy angle (or at least I think what it is, mock battles after all…)

      • Burning Gravity

        I don’t think so, mock battles aren’t that uncommon, and they don’t seem like they’re just teenagers in school…

        • RNM714

          We have our PC, who is called teacher by a girl wearing what looks like a pimped out military uniform, combined with the other characters who also are wearing such things

  • Reuska

    Wait, the art is NOTHING like SoV. It couldn’t be more distinctive? This looks like Persona or something.

    • James Richardson III

      I thought the same thing when I saw it!

    • Suicunesol

      Yeah, I don’t know what game Elieson played…

    • Burning Gravity

      It lowkey bothers me when news outlets post opinions and personal touches to news posts. IMO that should be left to the blogs and content creators or specific opinion-pieces.

      • xanxibar

        this isn’t a news outlet so why does it bother you?

  • 100%B-Type

    well, Ike is my Main with Pikachu so thats neat~
    An Aristocrat who wields Swords and Axes and maybe uses Magic? Thats cute!
    It looks massiv like an actual army with all these People on the battlefield, but on the map it was really only 10 Units (°w°)/

  • xanxibar

    i’m hearing that the artist is chinatsu (of uta prince fame). not 100% confirmed though.

  • Vaximillian

    I hope Edelgard isn’t going to get Lyn’d.

  • 3-13 Archer

    Oof, I don’t like the art style, some Persona-Fate thing. But the rest seems pretty good and interesting, if I say so. I hope they don’t ruin it somehow with fan service and such.
    Greg Chun and Yuri Lowenthal in SSB. Nice! Lyn and Roy will be Misty Lee and Ray Chase, then.

    • Sentinel

      Wendee Lee voices Lyn, not Misty Lee.

      • 3-13 Archer

        Oh, right. I was thinking Wendy actually, so I don’t know why I put that. Let’s leave the mistake for the jokes.

  • Looks good, far better than I expected actually, but nothing is perfect. First of all I’m not a big fan of the magic system and weapon skills from SoV and the thought of this game being anything like that game deflated my hype significantly. Secondly, while an avatar is not outright confirmed, and I have a feeling it might be scrapped, the protagonist seems to be silent which might imply it’s a self insert. Thirdly, the formation system may be a gimmick that can hurt map design, which I hope it isn’t. At least it looks better than pair up.

    No fanservice in sight though, which is always a plus.

  • Filipe Ferreira de Oliveira

    Am i the only one who thinks the green-haired guy is an avatar?