Heroes: “Feud of the Fangs” Tempest Trials+ Now Live!

The latest Tempest Trials+ event is now active in Fire Emblem Heroes. “Feud of the Fangs” is themed around the Black Fang organisation from Blazing Blade and runs until the rollover on 26th June 2018.

As a reminder, here are the Bonus Heroes again:

If you were lucky to obtain a new Hero from the Scattered Fangs banner, give yourself a pat on the back. Otherwise, there’s still time (although not a lot) to nab Linus from his Grand Hero Battle.

Failing that, Canas is himself a reward from this Tempest Trial and you can always count on the original Nino to do her best!

The story follows after Lloyd was defeated, echoing the events of “Four-Fanged Offense” in Blazing Blade. Except, Linus and his allies have a chance to exact revenge on the villain, who turns out to be Ursula this time.

The maps that appear in this Tempest Trial are from World of Blazing, Blazing Shadows and Love Abounds. Meanwhile the final map is based on the Dragon’s Gate, similar to an earlier Tempest Trial.

(An example of the final battle, based on Lunatic difficulty.)

As usual, you’ve got 10 days to build up your score. Here are the score-based rewards you can obtain:

  • Canas: Wisdom Seeker at 1,000 (4★) and 15,000 (5★)
  • Earth Dance 1 at 6,000
  • Live to Serve 1 at 10,000
  • Res Tactics 1 at 20,000
  • Water Blessing at 12,500
  • Up to 11,000 Hero Feathers
  • Up to 42 Orbs
  • Up to 80 Sacred Coins
  • Various shards and crystals

Plus 500-10,000 feathers depending on your rank after the end of the event. On top of that, there are daily Tempest Trials quests that award 2 Refining Stones, 1 Stamina Potion and 1,500 Universal Crystals.

Also, starting from yesterday, the game is handing out 5 compensation Orbs because of a bug with the previous Tap Battle caused by the Version 2.6.0 update. You’ve got until the daily rollover on 29th June to claim these from the Present List.

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