Heroes: Summer’s Arrival Banner Has Arrived!

Today is the Summer Solstice, and Fire Emblem Heroes is celebrating with a new batch of Special Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Summer’s Arrival Banner for your shot at summer versions of Tana, Cordelia, Innes, and Noire! You can take a look at our earlier article for a trailer and skill breakdown.

Paralogue 21, Summer’s Arrival, also joins the game today! Complete all three chapters and their associated Lunatic quests to earn up to 12 Orbs. Check out quest details below. Heroes players will also get an additional 13 Orbs over the next ten days with a new Log-In Bonus.

The Summer’s Arrival Banner will be around for a bit over a month, ending on 25 July. Likely, we’ll also get a re-run of last year’s Ylissean Summer Banner sometime during the coming month. More new Summer Heroes will probably be coming along next month as well.

Additionally, the second round of Arena Quests also begins today! You can see the quest listing in our original article for the quest line. We’ve also reached the halfway point in Tempest Trials+, so those Daily Quests now give double rewards.

Summer’s Arrival Quests
Quest Description Reward
Clear P21-1 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 21: Part 1 on Lunatic difficulty with a sword user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear P21-2 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 21: Part 2 on Lunatic difficulty with a lance user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear P21-3 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 21: Part 3 on Lunatic difficulty with an axe user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Diovani Estivalet

    From 40 orbs, I got… A Ayra. Who makes me happy.

  • mrkisukes

    I got a Tana, and she is…-Atk…why do I keep getting f***ing -Atk 5*s? This year’s 5* have been a 70% -Atk pull rate for me. Please add an IV fixer IS, I have way too many of these worthless pulls sitting around collecting dust. I thought things were looking up for the last 3 5*s I pulled, but it’s back to the -Atk curse.

    • 3-13 Archer

      Don’t worry, the two male Grimas I have are both -Atk, same with all my normal Reinhardts, normal Ike and Micaiah. Not to mention that -Def +Spd LA Hector.

      • mrkisukes

        Oof, that’s rough. I’m still holding onto my bad IV heroes in the hope that eventually they’ll give us a much needed IV adjustment feature.

    • JC

      Yup, I know the feeling. Since the release of the newer bridal banner, I’ve pulled 11 five-star units, of which 6 have been -Atk (B!Ninian, L’Arachel, B!Cordelia, L!Ryoma, Karla, and S!Innes). The +Atk Legault I got ended up being -Spd though,so that wasn’t the exactly a great trade-off either >_<. One of the few consolations was the Deirdre I managed to pull on the BHB banner. This was my third Deirdre, this time finally +Atk/-Def. I had gotten 2 previously, both of which were–you guessed it–also -Atk. She's on my main team, too, so it was nice to finally get that at least!

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I didn’t get Summer Tana, which was the unit I wanted for my Tactic Team, so I need to go to my others Red Mages:

    Mage Eirika or Halloween Nowi, both are +Spd -Def. The chosen unit will have Atk Tactic.

    Eirika has more Spd and her Tome works pretty well with Swift Sparrow, but Nowi has better mobility and Res.

    What do you think is the better opition?

    I also have Kinshinoka (+Spd -HP), but then I would have 2 archers (I use Legendary Lyn in my Tactic Team). And I also have LA!Linina (+Spd -Atk), but I would prefer another color.

    Wow… looks like I am lucky with +Spd units…

  • This is the first seasonal banner I’ve pulled from mainly because Tana happens to be one of my favourite characters. I thought 184 orbs would be enough to get me at least one copy of her.

    All I got was a sword Lyn.

    • Suicunesol

      Keep at it! Unluck is always followed by luck (and vice versa).

      I kept rolling for Bridal Lyn all week, and while I failed, I pulled 2 Wedding Cordelias at the end back to back. And then Noire on my free summon on this banner.

      • Maybe so, it just feels as if the game gives you what you don’t want more often than what you do want. It would be nice if you could set at least one colour to appear out of the five orbs during each session, because I went about three in a row without a single red.

        Anyway, I’m all out of orbs for now, but the banner is staying around for a while so I might be able to build up some more of them until it’s over. Grats on your Noire btw, would’ve liked that infantry rush.