Heroes: Legendary Heroes – Hector Summoning Event!

The latest Legendary Hero in Fire Emblem Heroes has arrived! With the Legendary Heroes – Hector Summoning Focus available now, until July 5, you can now attempt to obtain the latest version of Hector! If you missed the trailer and preview of his skills, we have you covered.

11 other 5★ Heroes will join Hector, including several units from the Christmas and Love Abounds banners! They are: Legendary Ike, Christmas Tharja, Leif, Myrrh, Brave Ike, Legendary Ephraim, Love Abounds Lyn, Female Morgan, Legendary Robin (F), Elise, and Love Abounds Roy. Remember, with Legendary Banners, you have an 8% chance of pulling a 5★ focus unit, with no off focus 5★ Heroes being obtainable.

In addition to being on the latest banner, Legendary Hector appears as a boss for a series of new Special Maps. These maps are similar to BHBs and GHBs in that a single friendly unit falling in battle earns you a game over. Successful completion of all four Marquess of Ostia Hector maps will grant you a Fire Blessing, as well as nine Orbs!

The Legendary Heroes – Hector banner and his Special Maps will be available until 5 July. That gives you about a week to try your luck for Hector and earn some Orbs!

Before wrapping this up, there’s also news on the next appearance of Legendary Heroes. We’ll see Robin: Fell Vessel available in July, both Hector: Marquess of Ostia and Ike: Vanguard Legend in September and finally, Ephraim: Legendary Lord, in October. These four will only be available through other Legendary Hero summoning events, so good luck with your pulls. I wonder what’s in store for August!

One final tidbit; the Infantry Rush fix has been deployed, along with 5 orbs as compensation for any inconvenience. Don’t forget to redeem them!

About the Author: Michael Freeman
  • Diovani Estivalet

    With my 60 orbs (including the Hector’s Battle obs), I got… A Legendary Hector! And a really good one! +Def -Spd. Also, his battle was pretty easy… My Tactic Team destroyed hum and his army.
    Speaking If Legendary Hero… July’s Hero is Blue (hoping for a tome or archer), August’s Hero will be red orçamento colorless, September’s is blue or colorless and October’s isn’t blue.

    • mrkisukes

      Nice, so far I’ve been screwed by a poor IV LA!Roy and L!Ike, the pulls from colorless and reds that I wanted the least. I seriously have enough Ikes, this is my 4th pull so far (none of which have had good IVs) and what I actually wanted was Elise and Tharja, but I guess that’s how the RNG rolls…it reads your mind and gives you the opposite of what you want.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        I got LA!Roy too. +Atk -HP.
        I am planning to give him a Guard Bow, because I am more a enemy’s phase player than a player’s phase one.

    • Bongo Beans

      Same here, quite chuffed, but I really wanted Myrrh

    • 3-13 Archer

      Tactic Team? I see you’re a man of culture as well. I pulled two Legaults in his banner just for his skill.
      And yes, the only non-gray archer is Lyn and we need something new. I thought the next banner would be about Echoes and have Python as blue archer, but alas.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        Tactic Team is something pretty good. Different from the emblem teams, which are focus only in one movement type and can be expose to weakness easily (weapons effective against), Tactic Team have a good variety. My team is:
        Vanguard Ike: Ragnell, Reposition, Radiant Aether, Warding Breath, Quick Riposte 3, Def Tactic 3, Distant Def 3 SS;
        Mage Eirika: Gleipnir, Reposition, Moonbow, Swift Sparrow 2, Desperation 3, Atk Tactic 3, Res Tactic 3 SS;
        Legendary Lyn: Swift Mulagir, Reposition, Luna, Laws of Sacae, Desperation 3, Spd Tactic 3, Spd Smoke 3;
        Bride Ninian: Fresh Bouquet (Spd), Dance, Glimmer, Atk/Res 2, Chill Atk 3, Res Tactic 3, Def Tactic 3 SS.
        I am thinking to change Eirika’s Moonbow to Glimmer, and Ninian has Bladetome, but I like to use Fresh Bouquet.

        • The amount of tactics I see has made me use PP on Sheema more to counter it. It has also given my Roro more of a niche with his built in effect, will probably give him windsweep once I get one to pass down.

    • Broba Fett

      +def -spd good? I don’t know much but I was under the impression my -def, +spd Hector would be preferable. Let me know if I’m wrong, I’m still learning optimal IVs but I recall pretty much every unit desiring a +spd or atk and my Hector has been an absolute beast.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        For me, Hector don’t need speed. Legendary Hector is a Enemy’s phase unit. His Armads stop enemy’s follow-ups, and Vengeful Fighter allows Hector to do follow-ups, so Spd is not important for him. Actually, L’ Hector +Spd is 26, which is not that great.
        With a +Def, Hector will reach 44 Def (41+3), which is great. In my opinion, Spd Bane is the best choice for Legendary Hector.
        But, of couse, a +Def/-Spd or +Spd/-Def are better than don’t have Legendary Hector, right?

  • Zog58

    Did a full circle only and grabbed Elise! Very unexpected. Ironically, I pulled a Camilla and Male Corrin right before her XD

    Looks like the next LH is Blue. But Ephraim isn’t returning until OCTOBER. That means this new hero will be for July and September, with Fjorm in August. Man poor Ephraim, he got shafted!

    • Diovani Estivalet

      We know the next L’ Hero will be blue, because July’s banner have Lyn, Ryoma and Robin. August’s banner will have Fjorm and Gunnthrá, so it can have a red or colorless unit as new hero. In September’s banner we have Ike and Hector, so it can have a blue hero or a colorless hero. Finally, in the October’s banner we know the new hero will not be blue, because Ephraim was confirmed for the banner.
      What are my thoughts: August’s banner will have a red unit as new Legendary Hero, with Fjorm, Gunnthrá and Robin being the others L’ Heroes. For September’s banner, I believe will be the time for a new Colorless hero, and the others L’ Heroes will be Ike, Ryoma and July’s blue hero.

  • Kemo Allen

    Imagine trying to summon LA Lyn in her original banner and getting 3 pity breakers then getting cockblocked on this banner by Morgan, I would have liked Ephraim. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  • Broba Fett

    Finally got that Hector and man he is an absolute unit! Looking forward to his new meta domination.

  • O.H. X-1990

    To Hell with the Legendary Hero Banners, TO HELL WITH THEM ALL! Intelligent Systems trolled me for the last time! SCREW THEM!