Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles Now Live!

Grand Conquests may have just concluded, but the next event has already begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! As the name suggests, Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles has you support a Hero from many of the series’ most renowned battles.

Here’s the bracket for the first round:

Round 1:

Marth vs. Hardin

Sigurd vs. Arvis

Legendary Ephraim vs. Lyon

Legendary Ike vs. Zelgius

Earn Battle Flags by engaging in special Voting Gauntlet battles every 30 minutes and use the flags to rack up a high score for your chosen Hero. You can also complete quests for Battle Flags, Orbs, Refining Stones, and Sacred Coins each round!

The first round of the gauntlet lasts until 3 July at 3:59am UTC. The event as a whole will end on 8 July, so try to participate in all three rounds to obtain more rewards!

About the Author: Michael Freeman