Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew!

The next special event is available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Legendary Hector’s Special Maps may be gone, but you can now attempt Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew to face his original form in new challenges!

Like previous BHBs before it, there are three difficulties which offer nine Orbs total if you fully complete them. Remember, all four of your deployed Heroes must survive the battle, or else it’s game over!

A new banner also accompanies the BHB, with Hector, Matthew, and Serra being the 5★ focus units.

Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew lasts until 12 July, giving you almost a week to finish the maps and summon from the associated banner.

About the Author: Michael Freeman
  • Kemo Allen

    Yes I got Hector on the free summon, and I got plenty of Shannas from not getting greens so no complaints here. Now who should I give DC to?

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I was having problems with Infernal, until I decide to try my Armored Team and… Victory! Legendary Hector, Male Grima, Valentine Lyn and Winter Tharja destroyed the enemy!

  • 100%B-Type

    Another BHB done thanks to Reinhardt & Lyn~