Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Luna!

You can now summon from a new skill-based banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Luna banner features Bow Hinoka, Fallen Celica and Mia as 5★ focus units.

These Heroes all possess the Luna ability as their Special Skill. Luna resolves combat as if the enemy suffered a 50% penalty to their Defense and Resistance stats when it activates. It’s a powerful ability and the wielders on this banner make good use of it.

The banner will be around until 16 July, giving you almost two weeks to save up some Orbs. However, keep in mind a teaser for the next Special Heroes banner will be released soon! You may want to wait and see what new Heroes will be coming on 10 July.

About the Author: Michael Freeman
  • Lucas Falararo Cardoso

    Wow, this is a really tempting banner, I was saving orbs for the next summer banner, but I could not resist and used my 130 saved orbs, and I end up getting 1 Male Morgan and 3 Mias as five stars.

  • 3-13 Archer

    No way I’m waiting the second special banner, since I still have the free summon of the other one.
    The banner is good, they’re all 5* exclusive and I really want Chill Spd for my Soren. But I almost run out of orbs in the legendary.

  • mrkisukes

    2 Reds showed up, the free wasn’t anything special (seriously can’t remember) but the 2nd was a +atk/-def Mia, I am very pleased. Still have a good number of orbs on me that are getting saved up for the next summer banner.