Heroes: A Sketchy Summer Banner + July Orb Promo Now Available!

The newest batch of Special Heroes have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! If you have an interest in a summer variation of Linde, Young Tiki, Takumi, or Camilla, spend some Orbs on the interestingly named A Sketchy Summer banner!

A new banner also means new maps to complete and Paralogue 22, A Sketchy Summer, offers three maps of varying difficulties. Complete them all, as well as the Lunatic quests, to earn 12 Orbs! The Paralogue quest details are listed in their entirety below.

Keep in mind completing both Paralogue 21 and 22 will open up an extra Chain Challenge, giving you the chance to obtain an additional eight Orbs.

The A Sketchy Summer banner will persist until 9 August, giving you a month to try for your desired summer Hero.

Also, this month’s Special Orb Promo can now be purchased if you need the extra push. The July edition contains 21 Orbs and 6,000 Hero Feathers. As usual, you can only buy it once.

A Sketchy Summer Quests:
Quest Description Reward
Clear P22-1 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 22: Part 1 on Lunatic difficulty with a lance ally on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear P22-2 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 22: Part 2 on Lunatic difficulty with an axe ally on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear P22-3 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 22: Part 3 on Lunatic difficulty with a sword ally on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
About the Author: Michael Freeman
  • Bongo Beans

    Got Wrys as my free summon – aw yeah! Seriously, he should be a swimsuit unit.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    With 70 orbs I got Summer Young Tiki and Summer Linde, both +Def/-Res, which for Tiki is ok but for Linde is really bad.
    I also got a 4* +Atk Titania, which I am thinking to promote her. As a Tactic skill fan, she looks to be useful in my tactic team

  • Lucas Moraes

    I’ve been hit by a +Def curse, it’s the only explanation. Recently I summoned a +Def -Spd Zelgius, which isn’t all that bad and could be much worse. But I got a -Atk S!Cordelia, -Spd S!Noire and -Hp S!Linde. Guess what? All of them as +Def.

    • mrkisukes

      I feel ya, I’ve been cursed with -atk pulls in almost every banner. This one hit me with a -atk Hardin, the last one was a -atk S!Tana, there was then a -atk K!Hinoka. 70% of my 5* pulls this year have been -atk, and I really question how truly random this game’s rng is at times.

  • 100%B-Type

    They really want to push Flier Emblem this year. Well, I got Flykumi and Hinbowka in my first summon round + my 1 Jeorge since launch 1 and half years later!

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Yeah… since January we had a lot of interesting flying units: Summer Takumi, Summer Camilla, Summer Tana, Summer Innes, Spring Kagero, Bride Ninian, Bride Sanaki, Female Morgan, Flying Nino, Kinshinoka, Female Grima, Kinshyoma, Shigure and Myrrh. All of them have something interesting, some more than others of course.

  • O.H. X-1990

    I want to know what do the Order of Heroes think about my drawing! They don’t just tell me to show them what I drew and leave me hanging! COME ON!