Fates: Takumi and Leo Fan Books Coming to Japan

Fire Emblem Fates has been out in Japan for 3 years and, regardless of the game’s reception, its characters are still proving to be extremely popular.

Case in point, from 31st August 2018, two separate fan books dedicated to Takumi and Leo–the two younger royal brothers–will be released in Japan, published by the Nintendo Dream editorial team.

(Note: The cover and contents are subject to change.)

For reference, Leo was the highest ranking male during Nintendo Japan’s official Fates popularity poll, while Takumi scored 3rd place. Meanwhile in the international Choose Your Legends Round 2, they placed 30th and 18th among all the series’s characters.

Back to the books themselves, each comes with a set of 6 B2 size posters. The posters are double-sided and can be combined to create one life-size poster! According to the Amazon listings (Takumi | Leo), each book includes 52 pages and retails for 1,998 Yen.

Because they are fan books, the editorial team is looking for fans to submit their content. Firstly, there are a pair of questionnaires for Takumi and Leo fans to answer. A rough translation will be provided below. Entries close halfway through 23rd July.

In addition, fans are encouraged to send their artwork. Artwork should be posted to the address above in the form of a postcard. The artwork itself can be horizontal or vertical. The deadline for submissions is 27th July, so fans will need to be pretty quick!

Hmm, would they ever do versions for the little sisters…?


Please state your gender.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Rather not say

Please state your age.

  • Under 10
  • 10~10
  • 20~29
  • 30~39
  • 40~49
  • 50 and above
  • Rather not say

Please choose your favourite 3 things about Takumi/Leo.

  • Face
  • Voice
  • Heart
  • Clothes
  • Actions
  • Ability
  • Retainers
  • Family
  • Everything
  • Other

Please choose 3 things that describe your feelings about Takumi/Leo.

  • Cool
  • Cute
  • Strong
  • Soothing
  • Want to cuddle
  • Wish to interact
  • Other

Please share one of Takumi/Leo’s important scenes that you really like.

Use the format: XX Kingdom [the story path], Chapter X, “——————“

Please state your favourite of Takumi/Leo’s classes (costumes).


  • Archer
  • Kinshi Knight
  • Sniper
  • Spear Fighter
  • Spear Master
  • Basara
  • Other


  • Dark Knight
  • Sorcerer
  • Strategist
  • Butler
  • Other

Please share your favourite characters related to Takumi/Leo, like retainers or family.

If Takumi/Leo was a student during the modern era, what extra-curriculum activity do you think he’d be interested in?

Imagine you’re on a date with Takumi/Leo! Where do you think he’s take you?

If Takumi/Leo was a salary-worker during the modern era, what job do you think he’d be doing?

If Takumi/Leo was a teacher at a school, what subject do you think he would teach?

Please share some words that you think Takumi/Leo would love to hear.

About the Author: VincentASM
Fire Emblem fan since 2002 and webmaster of Serenes Forest. Occasionally an online content editor or brand ambassador. Is a sucker for mage girls and has an unhealthy stash of Sylveon plushies.
Author Website: http://serenesforest.net
  • An Tran

    This….is a joke, right? Right?

    • Aveyn Knight

      Husbandos are serious business!

      In all seriousness, there must be a sizable market for them to publish these. Personally I never expected these, but I wouldn’t mind a fan book for my favourite characters ^^

    • Almost nothing that is shat out in regards to this series surprises me anymore.

  • Sabrina Elllee

    Correction: They placed 30th and 18 among all the series cast, not just the males.

    • Aveyn Knight

      Thanks! Will fix that in a moment : )

  • TheBraveGallade

    The fact that these exist really says something about how big FE has become. In Japan, we haven’t seen this level of popularity since the SNES era…

    If they ever publish a book for the imotos I probably will buy them.
    If they make books about the YILIESEIAN royal family that’s even more of a go.

    • It says more about how big the generic jrpg crowd is rather than the series as a whole. FE didn’t suddenly get massively popular because of what the series is renowned for.

  • Ishiken Ignis

    Do I need to answer those dissertation questions in Japanese?

    • Aveyn Knight

      Most likely. There aren’t any specific rules but the fan books are being released in Japan. Plus it’s possible the editors don’t know much English.