Heroes: New Seasonal Hero Silhouettes + Heroes with Fighter Skills Banner!

It won’t be long before the next Special Hero banner arrives in Fire Emblem Heroes! @FE_Heroes_JP just today released these New Seasonal Hero Silhouettes. Take a look at them yourself!

We didn’t get a matching seasonal banner last August, so it’s hard to guess what the theme of this banner will be. It could be a new version of last year’s Performing Arts banner, but released a month earlier. It could also be something new, such as a Japanese summer festival theme. Who do you think they’ll be?

Regardless, we should find out in just a few shorts days! The banner is scheduled to release on 10 August, so we’ll probably get a preview trailer tomorrow or Thursday. Stay tuned for more details!

Furthermore, we also have a brand new, skill-based banner today as well: Heroes with Fighter Skills! This banner contains three 5★ armored units: Hardin, Effie, and Male Grima.

Each of these heroes comes with an armor-exclusive “Fighter” skill: Bold Fighter, Wary Fighter, and Vengeful Fighter respectively. Either train these heroes up and use them and their powerful skills, or pass them on to another armored unit of your choice. This banner will be available until 16 August.

Don’t forget that Feh’s Summer Celebration is also continuing! Today’s daily banner is Heroes with Life and Death, containing 5★ focus units for Hana, Minerva, and Jaffar. We still have daily log-in bonuses and special maps as well.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Shenai

    Looks like Ryoma and Xander to me. And I think a Japanese summer festival theme is likely. At least Xander’s silhouette looks like it.

    • Woolly

      Agreed, It kinda looks like he has a pingpong paddle in his hand. Ryoma also looks like he has a paddle and is damaged, so therefore the inferior pingpong player… So this could possibly be a hot springs banner?

      • Shenai

        Turns out they’re both holding fans 🙂

  • Diovani Estivalet

    My free summons for the daily banners:
    Weapon Triangle: 3* Roy
    Vantage: 3* Fir
    Fury: 4* Sothe
    Hone Atk: 5* Leo (+Res/-Def). I don’t know if I will use him or give QR to someone else.
    Quick Riposte: 3* Hinata
    Life and Death: 4* Saizo
    Blade Skills:
    Threaten Def:
    Death Blow:
    Threaten Spd:
    Flier Boost Skills:
    Death Blow 2:
    Powerful Specials:
    Weapons to Refine:
    Weapons to Refine 2:

  • dmurr

    Definitely Ryoma and Xander.

  • James Richardson III

    Welp, got male Grima on the first pull.

    • Daniel Smith

      congrats man! I am going to green snipe cause my dream is to have him +10… so 7 to go!

  • 100%B-Type

    Do they play Ping-Pong together?
    It´s like they want Charas, who have alts already, have a full [Unit name here]-Emblem team. Or it seems to me they have a higher priority about other units.