Smash Ultimate: Chrom Footage and FEH Music Added

We have some proper footage of Chrom in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as of yesterday, when Nintendo of Japan posted a video showcasing newcomer Chrom & veteran Lucina facing newcomers Ridley & Dark Samus of Metroid fame.

Chrom as noted previously is an Echo fighter of Roy, although this clears up more on him as he seems to share his daughters attributes, namely the sword he uses has full power in the entire hitbox and doesn’t share Roy’s stronger at the hilt mechanic.

His Aether is also unique from Ike’s in that he does an uppercut before actually doing the twirl, which resembles his spinning move from the Awakening cutscene he fights Lucina in along with being one of his strong attacks in Fire Emblem Warriors.

ZeRo, one of the biggest names in the Smash 4 Tournament scene, has his own analysis of Chrom in this video which you can find here.

A curious thing has also transpired, and that is Fire Emblem Heroes has been featured in Smash Ultimate in musical form, by way of a remix of “Gear Up For”.

Remixed by Hiroki Morishita who has done music for Intelligent Systems since New Mystery of the Emblem.

This is the first time Smash as acknowledged a mobile game in any shape or form, which is very exciting for us Fire Emblem fans.

How do you feel about this gameplay and FEH’s inclusion?

About the Author: Jedi
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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Never expected FEH music to be add since its a spin off mobile game so that’s interesting.

  • 100%B-Type

    Fjorm for Smash? At least we know what her Final Smash looks like~

    • MetalGear Lamia

      I doubt that’ll happen but would be great

      • Rico Mella

        The move she did in her debut trailer against Surtr will most likely be her final smash

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Sure I’ve been saying that since her debut either her or Veronica I can see if they really want to put a FE Heroes rep in bonus if Ganondorfs involved in a potential reveal trailer.