Heroes: Forging Bonds: Rejecting Destiny Now Live!

The second edition of Forging Bonds has just begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! Put on your best accessories and head to Events to check out Forging Bonds: Rejecting Destiny.

This time around, the event focuses on the new CYL2 Heroes, the Brave versions of Celica, Veronica, Ephraim, and Hector. One of the kingdoms invaded by Embla wants the Order of Heroes to surrender Veronica to them. Knowing that their Veronica is from a different world, Anna and the other Brave Heroes take a stand to protect her.

Like in Tempest Trials, the main screen gives you an overview of your progress through the event. The top bar shows off the current colour boost and Friendship multiplier. Below, you can view the Friendship you’ve earned so far for each hero, and also the available bonus accessories. Hit “Select Stage” to choose your map and begin.

This version of Forging Bonds has a few changes from the first edition. Instead of one Orb for the first map every day for 14 days, Heroes players will now get two Orbs after the first map for the first seven days. Additionally, colour bonuses and point multipliers will change every hour instead of every six hours.

Forging Bonds: Rejecting Destiny will be around for two weeks, eventually ending on 7 September. This should give you plenty of time to view all conversation and also earn all the rewards!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor