Heroes: “Doorway to Destiny” Tempest Trials+ Now Live!

As one event ends, another has come to take its place. Starting today in Fire Emblem Heroes, a new Genealogy-themed Tempest Trials+ “Doorway to Destiny” is accessible via the Events section.

Here are the Bonus Heroes again, in case you forgot:

Naturally, the first three are the brand new Heroes from the most recent “Doorway to Destiny” banner. Followed by Ethlyn, who can be obtained from the Tempest Trials itself.

Meanwhile, the next three can be summoned from the dedicated Tempest Trials banner–or perhaps you already summoned them from earlier banners. Finally there’s Jamke from his on-going Grand Hero Battle.

This time, Masked Marth recruits Sigurd’s help to fight a Sigurd from another reality. But Sigurd isn’t alone because Quan and Eldigan–his best friends from his time at the Belhalla military academy–come to join him.

The maps are based on Book II Chapter 7 and Book II Chapter 9, both of which debuted Jugdrali Heroes. Meanwhile the final map is fittingly inspired by Chapter 5 from Genealogy of the Holy War–the original Doorway to Destiny.

(An example of the final battle, based on Lunatic difficulty.)

The event runs until the end of 20th September 2018, so you’ve got 10 days to rack up your score. The score-based rewards are as follows:

  • Ethlyn: Spirited Princess at 1,000 (4★) and 15,000 (5★)
  • Blaze Dance 1 at 6,000
  • Threaten Def 1 at 10,000
  • Drive Spd 1 at 20,000
  • Fire Blessing at 12,500
  • Up to 11,000 Hero Feathers
  • Up to 42 Orbs
  • Up to 80 Sacred Coins
  • Various shards and crystals

As a reminder, the next Forging Bonds event will start as this Tempest Trials begins to end, on 18th September 2018. But if you use your time and resources well, you should be able to get everything you want with time to spare.

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