Heroes: Performing Arts Re-run

Are you ready to dance again? Fire Emblem Heroes is re-running last year’s Performing Arts limited time summoning event between now and the rollover on 19th October.

The featured Heroes are dancer versions of Olivia, Inigo, Azura and Shigure. For more details (such as Skills), please refer to last year’s article.

Although it may have been the perfect time to repeat this event while Festival in Hoshido was ongoing, the original event debuted during late September last year so it seems they wanted to wait until it was nearly a year.

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  • dmurr

    Olivia and Azura from this banner are my favorite units in the game.

  • 100%B-Type

    Last time I summoned for this strange Lady, I got more Inigos that I wished for, because I have already Nino, so I use Dancer only in GHB´s and Trainingtower.

    • Shenai

      The same happened to me but since then Inigo has become one of my absolute MVPs so I regret nothing. I should probably try for more merges on him, his BST is so bad.