Cipher Series 14 Pre-release Livestream (With Series 15 Reveals)!

During 22nd September 2018, Fire Emblem Cipher held a pre-release livestream on NicoNico and YouTube to hype up the impending release of Series 14 “Eyegazing Future”.

If you missed the livestream and are interested in watching it, it’s now available for viewing via timeshift on NicoNico or directly on YouTube. For your convenience, you can find a recap of all the important news below!

Series 14 Booster Series

The main focus of this livestream was naturally on Series 14, which launches very soon on 28th September 2018 in Japan. As we learned earlier, this series features characters from the Tellius games, Awakening, Fates (Birthright) and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

On the Tellius front, we got new unpromoted cards for Marcia and Oscar. In particular, Oscar looks pretty relaxed in his casual wear.

Next, time for the healers to shine, with cards for Radiant Dawn Cleric Mist and both unpromoted and promoted versions of Rhys.

During the pack openings, Young managed to scoop a R+ card for Mia, featuring artwork we’ve seen before.

For Awakening, we got a lot of cards for the 2nd generation characters. Brady has new Priest and War Monk cards.

The ever-popular Inigo gets 4 cards! The first two feature him as a Mercenary and Hero. Meanwhile the last pair are his SR+ and SR cards.

There are also cards for Wyvern Lord Gerome and Bow Knight Noire.

Later on, we’re shown cards for Severa and male Morgan

Besides the kids, their parents get some love too. Here’s a lovely new card for Olivia, who seems to be getting more popular these days!

Unless I’m mistaken, the Cipher trailer also has new artwork of male Grima and Robin. These artworks also seem to be part of a paired artwork. Perhaps they will be R cards since female Grima is a SR and there aren’t a lot of SR slots to go around?

Correction: Grima and Robin are definitely SR cards. Somehow, I completely missed a week’s worth of cards… Many thanks to the users who pointed this out!

Moving onto Birthright, Azama makes an early appearance. If you stare hard, you can spot Hinoka flying above in the skies!

Meanwhile, it seems all of the Hoshidan royals get fancy R+ cards. Ryoma’s alternate card has really flashy lightning effects coming from his Rajinto. Whereas Sakura’s has pretty flower petals.

During the pack openings, Young scored a SR+ card of Azura. For reference, there’s a clearer version of her SR card during one of the Cipher trailers.

Sadly, that’s about it for new cards, since we’ve already seen many of them via Twitter and previous livestreams.

As for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, they showed off a few cards, but no new ones that I could see.

Finally, like other sets, the Cipher mascots will be making an appearance. So far, we know that Valjean and Alice will be joining the Awakening faction as a General and War Cleric respectively.

Series 14 Promotional Cards

In addition to the standard booster series, Series 14 will of course have many promotional cards. These include a set of 6 promotional cards available from 2-card packs gotten from tournaments and events.

Tellius gets a card of Ike training against his father and one of Ilyana bonding with Lucia.

Awakening gets a card of male Robin during the Premonition and a colourless card of Spring Lucina.

Finally, Fates has a card of Summer Ryoma and female Corrin based on the “Crown of Nibelung” manga. Currently, Xander is the only royal yet to get a summer card, despite having one in Heroes!

Between 27th October 2018 and 1st December 2018, those who purchase 1,000 Yen worth of Cipher products at participating stores can snag P14-009PR Celica (while supplies last).

Near the very end, Kawade teased an artwork of Summer Lucina, which will be used for a promo card during Winter Comiket, towards the very end of 2018.

Series 15 Artwork

Despite Series 14 being the main focus, the hosts did spend a few moments teasing the next series. “Shining World” will include characters from New Mystery of the Emblem, Fates (Conquest), the Jugdral games and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

From Archanea, Kawade showed off artwork of Ogma, Tiki, Yulyana reclassed to Archer and Arran. Poor Arran seems to have the reaper behind him, a reference to his grim fate…

He also revealed a beautiful illustration of Elice, plus the R+ card (or so it seems) that uses it. Cleverly, he hid the bottom half of the card to hide the card effects and also the card number.

For Conquest, we got artwork of Elise, Leo as a Dark Mage and Flora.

Jugdral started with an epic artwork of Altenna, Quan’s daughter and inheritor of the Gae Bolg.

Next we got some amazing artwork of Seliph, Julia and older Lewyn. Even though they’re part of the background, a lot of love was put into the latter two characters.

Then, from Thracia 776, there was Linoan, the beautiful ruler of Tahra and Arion’s fiancée. In the background, Dean–her bodyguard–is flying on his wyvern.

To wrap up, Alice and Valjean will be making a fiery appearance in this set. It looks like Valjean is casting the Meteor spell while Alice rides nonchalantly. Wait a moment, they’re not there during that battle, are they?!

Miscellaneous News

To celebrate the release of Series 14, a pair of cutesy smartphone wallpapers featuring Chrom and Ike will be available via the Cipher Frontier column on the official website, around release day.

The hosts also showed off a lot of new Fire Emblem merchandise releasing during December that we’ll cover in a separate article sometime soon.

That’s all for now! Thanks a lot for reading to the end and hopefully we’ll see you next time!

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