Heroes: Legendary Tiki Arrives + Trio of Legendary Hero Battles

From today, Tiki, the princess of the Divine Dragons, is joining Fire Emblem Heroes as the 11th Legendary Hero.

Summoners can attempt to summon Legendary Tiki from this month’s Legendary Hero banner, which also features a variety of rare Heroes, including a few of 2018’s spring and bridal Heroes.

For more details about Legendary Tiki, please check our earlier article.

In addition, Tiki will be showing off her incredible powers in a series of Legendary Hero Battles. Completion of all maps will award an Earth Blessing, 9 Orbs and–if you can conquer Abyssal–a Golden Askran Hairpin.

Joining her are Legendary Hector and Robin in repeats of their original Legendary Hero Battles. This time, you can challenge Hector on a new Abyssal map to earn a Golden Enigmatic Mask. Meanwhile, Abyssal Robin is available once again.

Tiki’s Legendary Hero banner and all three Legendary Hero Battles will stick around until the daily rollover on 5th October 2018.

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  • mrkisukes

    Yep, luck is all dried up as I open with a bunch of 3*s. Oddly, almost half of my summons were Effies and Ravens…funny how that works.

  • Daniel Smith

    I really want her but…

    how many anti grima’s are they going to add to the meta?

    I never see him in arena (im usually 18 minimum to 20 maximum)

    So why are they still putting counters to him?

    • Zog58

      Trust me, he’s everywhere in 20 to 21 where I play. He is very much a threat with SB and BF, almost as bad as Zelgius.

      If you don’t have a counter to him, it’s game. He’s still very relevant.

  • Kemo Allen

    I knew I should have waited and not get baited by the Muspell Banner. Young broken with her 180 BST. I’m going to need Death Blow Dierdre as a staple on my arena teams.

  • 100%B-Type

    Finally a somewhat very good summoning for me: 2 Jaffars in one summonround with only 60 Orbs, sadly I wont summon anymore after my first 5* from a banner because my Legendary banners are to expensive with always 11% -12% since the 3rd one and CYL2 with 440 Orbs full rounds and only 2 5* OG Hector & Brave Hector was not that much fun to summon even if they are good. I wish good RNG for other Summoners anyway~