Heroes: New Event “Heroic Feats,” and new Halloween silhouettes revealed!

Today is Sunday, that’s a day for Heroes and Chill for many of us. To kick this news post off, a brand new event has been revealed: Heroic Feats, beginning tomorrow the 8th of October 6:00AM UTC, and finishing on the 12th of October 5.59AM UTC!

Everyone must play a series of four rounds of this event for a chance to earn a 4-star Hero. For this particular Heroic Feats event, everyone must use a Hero with the A-skill Fury equipped. If everyone sends a Hero with Fury to battle in this event a combined total of 10 million times, everyone gets a free 4-star Hinata! Everyone needs more Hinata, whether you’re trying to merge him, or need his priceless Fury skill for other Heroes (who doesn’t).

I would wager that in future Heroic Feats events, different Heroes with highly sought-after 4-star skills (Life and Death, Atk Tactic, etc.) will become available to us. According to the official FEH Twitter, future Heroic Feats will also feature past GHB and TT reward Heroes. Prepare for more chances to obtain merges for your favourite limited Heroes!

Next on the agenda: New Halloween silhouettes have been revealed – take a look for yourselves:

I can make out a witch’s hat, some hair and maybe a pumpkin flail weapon. Who do you think they could be? The new Special banner featuring these Heroes will land on the 10th of October, 6:00AM UTC. You can expect a reveal trailer to be released between now and then, so hold this space.

Last but debatably not least, a brand new Blessed Gardens map is now available to play and complete: Grounds of Earth (heh). Complete two maps back-to-back with Heroes infused with Earth Blessings to earn yourself a Fire Blessing and 2,000 Feathers.

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