Heroes: Incoming FEH Channel on November 7 at 7:30p PT

NintendoOfAmerica just tweeted out details for the next FEH Channel, scheduled for November 7 at 7:30p PT.

This time, it’s running for 13 minutes, so we won’t have a super long FEH Channel update, but still a decently sized one. Personally, I hope to see details including upcoming information about the holiday event, and possibly news of a Choose Your Legends 3.

What do you think will be included?

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  • mrkisukes

    Remember that last’s years was 18mins long and was packed full of updates and details so they could do the same in 13. But regardless, keep your expectations tempered. This is a vital FEH Channel for IS to nail the landing for, I hope they succeed in revitalizing player interest cause otherwise I’m worried it will result in the death of FEH…it’s sink or swim.

    • Bongo Beans

      Still better than a lot of the rest, Star Ocean, Knights Chronicle… I do keep coming back to Heroes but the map reuse on Blessed Gardens etc is tedious… I still do them for the rewards though

  • speedster

    Expect another arena changes to encourage spending orbs for new heroes

  • speedster

    The alternate text for the image says 2.11

  • 100%B-Type

    As always, the new Banner will be announced in detail because that’s the last event from October/November Calendar.

  • James Richardson III

    It would be cool of them to add Beaststone units… but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

  • Igniz

    Some kind of player interaction is needed to revitalize the game- other than that, any content will just keep the veterans busy for an hour at most and the newbies will save it for later, when they get better units. It seems that there’s no in-between now..