Heroes: November 7 FEH Channel Summary

It’s that time again! Feh can’t fly south for the winter, as she has quite a bit of work to do, making cheese fondue and deliver to us, the next Feh Channel! Click here to re-watch it (or watch it for the first time, in case you missed it).

As always, FEH Channel kicks off with Feh giving us some interesting news. This time, it featured a Heroic Grail, which allows you to, when spent, allows you to summon up to twenty new four-star versions of a Grand Hero Battle or Tempest Trial+ reward unit.

They appear to cost 100 + 50*times summoned (up to the first 9 summons). From the 10th onward, it’s a flat 500 Heroic Grails per.

For convenience, we receive 200 Heroic Grails for free. Now you can +10 those Grand Hero Battle units!

After that, Feh’s beak dropped as she caught eye of a castle in the sky…what could it be?

Of course, it’s an Aether Keep! It looks like you can set up structurs and customize your keep similar to the Fire Emblem Fates My Castle feature, and then engage in battle against other Summoners.

You can place structure on the map (seen in the lower dark-blue, Offense Map, and Defense Map, areas).


All structures require Aether Stones (acquired through Aether Raids) can be built, and upgraded (using Aether Stones and Aether Dew). When built, they can do things like deal flat damage to enemies, heal your Heroes, or inflict useful buffs or debuffs, to help with your victory. As your qualities increase, you can deploy up to 6 Heroes, in addition to your various offensive and defensive structures.

There are bonuses that can be acquired, by using certain units or certain structures. These points contribute to your overall ranking, which impacts rewards such as Aether Stones and Heroic Grails.

These points contribute to your Lift ranking, which grants two different methods of prize acquisition.

Additionally, Aether can be consumed by battling other summoners, and is restored once daily at the daily update.

Aether Raids kick off on November 8th (tomorrow), but on November 18th, new structures will become available. If you want to +10 those exclusive units, definitely give effort to Aether Raids!

Finally, just before we wrap up, a teaser of Sharena crying and reaching forwards, was immediately passed to the side, with a notice that Book III will come in December of this year. With it, came an ominous message…That day, the light died.

I wonder what the story will be, and why Sharena appeared to be screaming…

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  • mrkisukes

    +10 Aversa here I come…wait, she’s not there? Guess I’mma gonna just save up until they add her then.

    • VanguardRaven

      Chances are that the video was recorded before Aversa was even released. She should be here when it goes live.

      I hope so, anyway.

    • Mason Klaus

      Its possible she’ll appear later as her GHB did just end not like two days ago.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    I can finally +10 my GHB/TT units FINALLY! the pseudo My Castle is alright but its pretty restrictive for now hopefully that’ll change as for the Book 3 teaser I’ll be honest I’m not expecting anything big out of it again since Book 2 let me down very much.

    • Mason Klaus

      This is just a guess but considering that the teaser shows Sharena crying and reaching out to someone, that means either something happens to Alfonse or the Summoner or Sharena herself is being taken away by some unknown enemy and she’s crying for help. Of course it could be just about anyone’s guess at this point.

      • Daniel Smith

        Maybe its fjorm, that way they can bring the main cast back down to 3 and introduce another stupid hero character.

        oOOOo, maybe a hyper legendary hero that will powercreep armor emblem?

        • Mason Klaus

          Maybe but who can say at this point? We’ll know once it goes live in December.

      • ronin4life

        They have parents who have never been shown.
        I would say Aksr gets rickrolled and at least one of them dies.

        • Mason Klaus

          Actually the king was killed in book two, its already mentioned in one of the chapters but I forgot which one though its pretty early on. Its actually a similar scenario to FE 1/3 (book 1)/11 except no backstabbing traitorous allies in the mix, invading nation well invades, king deploys army leading it himself, army meets enemy’s army, gets defeated and king killed by enemy leader leaving his child(ren) and queen behind and if Surtur managed to actually invade Askr up to the castle itself it’d be a almost 100% copy of the first game’s story except he’d kill EVERYONE cause he’s just that much of a sadistic wretch, so no Sharena/Alfonse (and their mother) staying behind, getting captured in the process, while everyone else flees to a nearby island nation.

    • Daniel Smith

      I kinda liked book 1 (first 9 chapters), and the beginning of book 2 wasn’t terrible (up to like book 5 and 6 being the last decent ones)

      Knowing they are going to continue main story for years to come makes it pretty weak.

      They need a strong, concise story, then they can make a second story completely unrelated to veronica

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Again I wasn’t expecting much from a mobile game story (although other mobile games does is WAY better than feh) so I’m not really surprise by the end results.

  • 100%B-Type

    Studio Ghibli´s Castle in the Sky anyone?
    More Berkut´s Lance and of course Feh chooses Xander, because he is from Embla!

  • ImOnFire!
    • same. this’ll take a while probably

  • Dave Hammond

    Christmas Robin seems to be missing

    • Mason Klaus

      He’s not a TT or GHB so thats why he’s not on the list.

      • mrkisukes

        Though I do wonder if a year or 2 from now if IS would add seasonal units to the pool. The question will be if there’s anything to loose by doing so.

        • Mason Klaus

          Possible but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

  • Bongo Beans

    Bartre got his axe refine as well, its effect : +20% chance of summoning… Bwa. Ha.

  • Can I just say, watching Feh lose and hearing her cry somehow made my day? The sadistic part of me was like ‘heck yes, see how it feels!’ which was very strange as I normally only feel sadistic thoughts about Severa.

    Also, did anyone else look at Aether Raids and immediately see in their mind’s eye a team of apparently up to six Fallen Takumi barricaded behind a wall of buildings to ensure they could all be alive to trigger Skadi? Because that’s what I saw.

    • mrkisukes

      There’s going to be obvious abuses in in the system that IS will probably need to address in the future. In the end though, it’s probably going to just be more of the same arena meta we all know and love.

  • ronin4life

    Another thing that would have made Aether Keeps interesting Is the ability to defend them yourself form AI attackers.
    As is, it’s Arena 1.5 with most of the problems remaining the same…