“Fire Emblem Expo” Details from Cipher Livestream

As promised, during today’s Cipher pre-release livestream, the Fire Emblem team shared concrete details about the recently announced “Fire Emblem Expo” event.

Information was relayed via Tsutomu Kitanishi, who arrived dressed in bright red. To recap, “Fire Emblem Expo” will be held at Zepp Tokyo in Japan, during 4th May 2019. It’s described as a “special one-night only Fire Emblem event” and is being run by Intelligent Systems.

Before anyone gets too excited, it looks to be a fun Fire Emblem event for fans, so there probably won’t be any ground-breaking announcements or anything important that’s related to Three Houses. More details about the event will be revealed later on, but we’d keep your expectations low for now.

The first main attraction is a live concert where numerous Fire Emblem songs will be performed. A list of songs can be found at the bottom of this page.

Providing the vocals will be Kawamura Yumi, a popular game music singer. Yū Kobayashi, the Japanese voice actress for Lucina, will also be there.

Update: There will be a CD featuring the songs performed at the concert, which is planned for a Spring 2019 release.

Next up, there will be a Radiant Dawn stage drama performed by the voices of Ike, Titania, Micaiah, Sothe and Soren.

Last but not least, to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of Thracia 776, there will be an artwork exhibition featuring the game’s original artworks. Yes, Reinhardt will be among them.

Besides these main events, there will be a place to buy event merchandise. Because you obviously can’t have a Fire Emblem event without them!

Tickets go on sale from 28th December 2018 at 6 pm (Japan time). Prices range from 8,500 to 13,000 Yen (including tax). The show opens at 5 pm, while the stage performances begin from 6 pm. For more information, feel free to check out the expo website.

Above is the main visual image, featuring most of the Fire Emblem protagonists.

Livestream images provided by Kirie.

List of Music

  • Story 2: Each Map’s Beginning – Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light
  • Final Chapter (The Final Holy War) – Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage) – Binding Blade
  • Companions – Blazing Blade
  • Determination – The Sacred Stones
  • Eternal Bond – Radiant Dawn
  • With Mila’s Divine Protection – Echoes
  • What Lies at the End – Echoes
  • Recruitment Medley
    • Story 5: Encounter – Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light
    • Recruitment – Genealogy of the Holy War
    • Comrades – The Sacred Stones
    • With Us! – Path of Radiance
  • Battle Medley
    • Blessing of the Eight Generals I – Blazing Blade
    • Applying Justice: Leidrick Battle – Thracia 776
    • Battle 1: Player Attack – Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light
    • The Devoted – Radiant Dawn
    • Against the Black Knight – Path of Radiance
    • Dark Emperor – Mystery of the Emblem
  • Vocal Songs
    • Id (Purpose) – Awakening
    • Dusk Falls – Fates
    • Lost in Thoughts All Alone – Fates
    • Fire Emblem Main Theme – Heroes
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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Called it wasn’t really expecting Three Houses big since I’m sure it’ll likely be out a month before then.

  • Sentinel

    I gotta say, I really like that image they made for it. Even gender balance and all games in the series represented.

    Well, except for Thracia. Jeez…even when they celebrate it’s anniversary they forget it.

  • “Because you can’t not have a Fire Emblem event without them” is a double-negative, Vince – it’s saying I can’t choose to not have a Fire Emblem event without merch, meaning I can’t have a FE event with merch.

    • Aveyn Knight

      Gosh, you’re right. It sounded so normal in my head, ahaha.

  • Troy Kv

    Wait… a Stage Drama? How that works?

    But if it features Micaiah (Natsuko) maybe is something interesting for me… hehe.