Fire Emblem Cipher at Comiket 95

Fire Emblem Cipher will be returning for Comiket 95, bringing lots of swanky new merchandise to make fans happy and wallets sad.

Like last year, Comiket 95 will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight, between 29th and 31st December 2018. This time, the Cipher booth is number 3161, located in the 4th floor, west corporate area.

Following yesterday’s livestream, the official Cipher website updated with full details, which we’ll relay below!

Obviously, the main attraction is the exclusive merchandise, but this time the Cipher team is also holding special talk shows on the 2nd and 3rd days of the event.

Promotional Card

This lovely Christmas Lilina promotional card will be given out as a free gift for each transaction at the Cipher booth. While stocks last of course. By the way, it’s a bit hard to see here, but that’s Roy sleeping in front of Lilina.

Artworks 13 and 14 – 2,000 Yen each

These are glossy A4 art books that contain slightly below 40 pages.

“Artworks 13” focuses on Series 13 “Flame, Steel, Thought and Grief”, which features characters from Blazing Blade, Shadow Dragon and Heroes.

“Artworks 14” is based on Series 14 “Eyegazing Future”. The characters here are from Awakening, Fates: Birthright, Path of Radiance and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

Artworks: Extra Selection – 3,500 Yen

Meanwhile, “Extra Selections” has artwork to celebrate 3 years of Cipher, many of which are from promotional cards.

Fan Box: White and Black – 5,000 Yen each

These are bumper-packed boxes full of cool Cipher tools and collectibles.

The outer box measures 279 x 200 x 80 mm.

Included are: a rare promotional card and domiterior, 4 calendar and 4 marker cards, a mini card binder (holds 4 cards per one-sided page), a smaller storage box, a zip purse (kind of like a pencil case) and a double-card holder (which can double as a calendar).

Above is the white design. The featured promotional card is Summer Lucina. Meanwhile, the marker cards are Nah, Myrrh, female Corrin and Ninian. That’s a lot of dragons!

This is the black design. The promotional card included is Summer Corrin. The marker cards are all dragons as well: young Tiki, Nowi, Ena and Fae.

Play Mats – 3,500 Yen each

These are gorgeous play mats for playing Cipher, other card games or simply showing off etc.

There are two designs: Summer Lucina and Summer Corrin. Summer in real life might have passed, but it’s always Summer in our hearts!

Both play mats are 500 x 300 mm.

B2 W Suède Tapestry – 4,000 Yen each

These are giant fabric posters that you can hang in your room to show off your Fire Emblem love.

Four designs are available: double Lucina, chibi Camilla, young Tiki and princess Celica.

They all measure 515 x 728 mm.

Domiterior with Key-chain – 500 Yen each

Now this is something you might not commonly see, unless you’re in Japan. These are rectangular-shaped acrylic stands that can be hung as key-rings. They come blind-boxed, so you can’t choose which one you want.

The designs from top to bottom and left to right:

  • Row 1: Marth, Linde, Faye, Eldigan, Quan
  • Row 2: Roy, Lyn, Lute, Mia, Ike
  • Row 3: Chrom, Sakura, Elise, Sharena, adult Tiki

Each domiterior is 40 x 8 x 80 mm.

If anyone happens to get a Sakura domiterior that they don’t want, please hit me up!

“Galeforce CD” – 2,500 Yen

This is the “Cavalier Duo”‘s second album, which includes music they’ve performed at Cipher events over the past year.

Track list

  • Return to Nifl – Heroes
  • Those Who Dare to Change History – New Mystery of the Emblem
  • Conquest (Ablaze) – Awakening
  • Distant Roads – The Sacred Stones
  • Chapter 10: Light and Dark (Side Battle) – Genealogy of the Holy War & Path of Radiance
  • World Map Chapter 3 (Liberation Battle: Each Road) – Gaiden
  • Chapter 2: Disturbance in Agustria – Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Winds Across the Plains – Blazing Blade
  • Final Chapter: The Final Holy War – Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Leif’s Army in Search of Victory: Base – Thracia 776
  • Gear up For – Heroes

Last year, we covered the “Cavalier Duo”‘s debut album. If you can obtain the Galeforce CD or know somebody who can, please contact me (at aveyn_knight[at]yahoo[dot]co[uk]) so I can do something similar!

Talk Show

On the 2nd and 3rd days of the event, fans who purchase at least 5,000 Yen of merchandise in one transaction will receive a raffle ticket. Each day, 100 fans will be selected from the raffle box to attend that day’s talk show.

Day 2 (30th December 2018)

The guest for Day 2 is Katsuyuki Konishi, the voice actor for Xander (Fates) and Randal (Cipher).

The lucky fans who attend will receive the above postcard and sticker set, featuring Xander and Randal.

Day 3 (31st December 2018)

The final day features two guests: Hibiku Yamamura, the voice actress for Rinea (Echoes) and Shade (Cipher), and Eri Suzuki, who voices Soleil (Fates), Delthea (Echoes) and Emma (Cipher).

Attendees will receive the above postcard and sticker set, featuring Shade and Emma.

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