Heroes: FEH Channel Book III Edition. New Units, New Foes, New Free 5-Star, News on Laguz and more!

Good day, Summoners! If you’ve been paying attention to news as of late, you may remember that we just had a FEH Channel roughly one month ago near the conclusion of Book II’s story, detailing the quite popular Aether Raids. We’ve nearly earned a double-header, as we’re now being hit with a ten minute long FEH Channel: Book III Edition, showcasing the up-and-coming Heroes, and Villains, yet to be seen by our Askran empire.

As always, we’re greeted by Feh, gently swooping in before perchi-

Alfonse, Sharena, Loki and Veronica are all spotted in a forest, engaged in intense combat, with an extremely ominous setting, and four unusual characters of varying intimidation levels. Heavy metal music can be heard, being very atypical of the franchise, and the death of someone that I sure wasn’t expecting. Catch the full unsettling movie here.

Enjoy another brilliant piece by artist Yusuke Kozaki (the Full can be seen here)

Ahem…as I was saying, Feh swoops in, perching herself on her usual post, to introduce us to the characters, setting and other features coming in with Book III. Where one might have thought we’d be surrounded entirely by villains, that may not be the case…

Book III takes place in a spooky new location, the realm of the dead. We’re given immediate access (after the incoming maintenance, of course). In addition, we’ll also be given access to quite a few new things in this new story. Eir: Merciful Death, is introduced to us as a Princess of the Realm of the Dead. We’re also shown the Realm of the Dead’s ruler, Hel: Death SovereignLif: Lethal Swordsman and Thrasir: Omnicidal Witch, are introduced next, as generals of the Realm of the Dead.

We’ll be receiving four new “Seasons” in addition to our Fire/Water/Wind/Earth. Mythic Heroes will join the fray, and along with it, the Light, Dark, Astra and Anima seasons. Eir will be our very first Mythic Hero, coming to us as Light. These will be utilized in Aether Raids, but not sure how quite yet…

A new banner will also drop post-update, containing Owain, Lewyn, Ophelia and the Colorless Mythic Hero of Light, Eir.

First Summon Tickets will also be distributed, as an equivalent exchange for an additional free 5-orb summon. It will be exactly as if you were attempting your first free summon attempt for a banner, and First Summon Tickets cannot be saved  for a long period of time. 2019 will share First Summon Tickets with its Forging Bonds.


Speaking of Forging Bonds, we’ll be seeing a Radiant Dawn themed Forging Bonds event, which will be introducing our very first traditional Laguz unit, Tibarn, likely among others. If you’re unfamiliar, Laguz units were introduced as a mainstay in Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, and were a variety of animals that could transform into Beorc (Humans) and back. They’ve been a huge fan request, so it’s exciting to finally see them joining the ranks!

I’ll keep it on the hush, but Nailah can be seen if you look very closely…

Lastly, Eir will join as a free 5* hero, at the end of Book III Chapter 1. Enjoy your free flier!

Those interested in watching the Japanese video, can do so here.





For more FEH Channel videos, or to rewatch other character/banner trailers, check out the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel. For news, keep an eye on their Twitter.


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