Heroes: December/January Calendar released, New Power Banners

Another day means another news update for Fire Emblem Heroes! Today we see the release of a new calendar containing information on events that will be taking place from today until early January.

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Please note that Intelligent Systems insists on using Pacific Standard Timezone (with a daily reset time of 11pm), so for most of us, this calendar is displaying events one day earlier than when they actually begin. IS had nothing more to say regarding the issue than “deal with it, eastern peasants.” They didn’t really say this, but it is probably what they are thinking.

So deal with it we shall. Here’s a list of all the events on the calendar in order of release date. It’s quite beefy, so click “Read more” to get the text break-down:

13th-19th December

  • 13th – New Power Banner Pt.1 (Ogma, Male Robin), New Power Banner Pt. 2 (Palla, Est, Catria)
  • 14th – Illusory Dungeon: Kingdom of Hoshido
  • 16th – Tempest Trials+ Log-In Bonus
  • 18th – Tempest Trials+: Life Is But Fleeting, Special Heroes Banner & Log-In Bonus

20th-26th December

  • 20th – GHB Revival: Linus
  • 22nd – Three Princesses Quests
  • 23rd – Heroes with Fortress Skills Banner

27th December – 2nd January 2019

  • 27th – BHB Revival: Hector & Matthew, Grand Conquests
  • 28th – Legendary Hero Banner + Legendary Hero Battle
  • 30th – Tempest Trials+ Log-In Bonus
  • 31st – Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus
  • 1st – New Year’s Celebration!, Tempest Trials+: An Alliance of Princesses, Special Heroes Banner

3rd-9th January

  • 3rd – Voting Gauntlet
  • 4th – BHB: Klein & Clarine & Banner
  • 6th – Heroes with Tactics Skills Banner
  • 8th – Light Blessing Quests

10th-11th January

  • 11th – Special Orb Promo: January Edition, New Heroes Banner & Log-In Bonus, Forging Bonds

As already revealed in the calendar above, today is the release of two Heroes with New Power banners. With Navarre and Female Robin being Grand Hero Battle rewards only, they won’t make an appearance here. That still leaves us with 5 Heroes with New Power, so they have decided to split them between two banners as follows:

In Banner 1, Robin: High Deliverer and Ogma: Loyal Blade have been paired up to allow the three Whitewing sisters Palla: Eldest Whitewing, Catria: Middle Whitewing, and Est: Junior Whitewing to stick together within their own second banner. They could have placed all 5 Heroes together, but it’s nice that they have been separated, especially since there are two reds and three blues in total.

Also released today is a new Tactics Drill. “A Merciful Boost” is in the “Skill Studies” section, and will award you with 300 Feathers upon completion.

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That’s it for today. Which upcoming events are you most looking forward to?

About the Author: Raven
I guess I should put something here.
  • Well, unless there is a Marisa alt in there somewhere I can safely skip all these banners. It has been a bit slow lately with actual new heroes, quite disappointing.

    • mrkisukes

      Nah, just a few more Camilla and Lyn alts lol.

      • Espiritu

        And u know what! I would be happy with more Camila’s!

        But even if people get what they want, they will still bitch.

  • Sentinel

    With so much stuff ending on January 24, I’m hoping that means we’ll get another New Hero banner in the waning days of the RD banner.

    We got 2 story chapters between New Years and Valentine’s in 2018. I don’t want that to change.