Heroes: Special Banner “Gifts of Winter,” Tempest Trials+, and Special Banner “Winter’s Envoy” rerun!

Welcome to another news update for Fire Emblem Heroes! Can you tell it’s Christmas yet? When Tesco starts selling mince pies, that’s when us Brits know it’s coming, at least.

But this is Heroes; we have guys twatting each-other with Christmas trees and girls in fluffy bikini armour to know when it’s well and truly the winter holiday season.

Anyway, today’s update: Special Banner: “Gifts of Winter” is active from today!

Never mind the first staff-wielding armour unit – Fae retains her deer horns when she transforms.

The banner will end on the 18th of January 2019, 6:59AM UTC. It contains three new Special Heroes: The blue lancer Ephraim: Sparkling Gallantly, our first armoured staff-wielder Eirika: Gentle as Snow, and green dragon Fae: Holiday Dear.

Alongside the launch of this new Special Banner, a new Tempest Trials+: “Life Is But Fleeting” begins today!

Click on “Read more” to read about the TT+ rewards and bonus Heroes, along with the return of a certain infamous banner.

Look at Cecilia. Look at her. Protect and cherish her.

You didn’t see Cecilia: Festive Instructor as part of the above banner because she is a reward unit within this Tempest Trials+! It isn’t so often we see the best unit of a Special Hero compilation being given out for basically free, but here we are!

Complete list of Tempest rewards:

  • 5-star Cecilia: Festive Instructor (at 15,000 Points)
  • 4-star Cecilia: Festive Instructor (at 1,000 Points)
  • Drive Res 1 Seal
  • Fierce Stance 1 Seal
  • Atk/Spd 1
  • 42 Orbs
  • 57,500 Crystals and Shards of various colours
  • 11,000 Feathers
  • 60 Sacred Coins
  • 1 Wind Blessing

Bonus Allies for this TT+:

Everyone’s an armour unit! Yay?

Every Christmas-themed Special Hero is here to give you a nice 40% bonus to your TT+ score. They will also receive +10 HP and +4 to all stats when fielded in TT+!

This Tempest Trials+ begins today, and ends on the 28th of December, 6:59AM UTC. If you want to earn all possible rewards, simply pace yourself at 5,000 points per day – make use of the 2 x triple points per day and you will achieve it without much problem!

Last but certainly not least for today’s update…

The OG Christmas Heroes are back to take more of your Orbs and not even show up.

The original Christmas Special Banner “Winter’s Envoy” which kicked off the whole armour powercreep thing with their new Bold Vengeful Fighter skills makes its return! The armour-clad banner contains red tome-wielding Tharja: “Normal Girl,” axe-wielding Chrom: Gifted Leader, axe-wielding Lissa: Pure Joy, and lance-wielding Robin: Festive Tactician.

This banner lasts the same amount of time as the Gifts of Winter banner – from today until the 18th of January 2019, 6:59AM UTC.

That’s it for today, until next time. Stay warm!

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