Heroes: Grand Conquests – Back to Elibe

We hope you all got some cool gifts yesterday–or, if not, that you had a safe and happy time! Anyway, another Grand Conquests event has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Twenty years prior to Cecilia teaching Roy and Lilina how to take over the continent of Elibe, their predecessors–Lyn, Eliwood and Hector–had already made a sport out of this. Perhaps it all started when a sparring match got completely out of hand?

As with previous Grand Conquests, the event is divided into three rounds that last around 2 days each. During this time, you can earn rewards based on your overall tier, your team’s area score and your rank within your team. There are also quests for each round.

By the way, if you haven’t completed the Three Princesses quests, this could be a good time to stack them. For instance, the first round gives a boost to Flying allies, making it an ideal battlefield for Eir.

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