“Fire Emblem World” Website: Daily Characters + Weekly Songs

Last month, the official Japanese Fire Emblem World website had a big makeover. Presumably, in part, to prepare for the release of Three Houses later this year.

Back then, the website team promised that new characters and songs would be added to the font page on a daily and weekly basis, respectively. Now that time has come.

To begin with, Chrom–one of the main characters from Awakening–is the first daily character to be featured. In addition, the first weekly song is Id (Purpose), from the same game.

We dig a little digging and it seems the rest of the featured characters for this week are all from Awakening too. The lucky characters are, in chronological order: Lissa, Frederick, Cordelia, Stahl, Lucina and Gangrel.

Afterwards, the spotlight is scheduled to move to Mystery of the Emblem. The featured song will change to Advance, while the characters will go through Marth, Caeda, Navarre, Tiki, Julian, Ogma and Merric.

On the third week, the highlighted game will be Binding Blade. The weekly song will be Beyond the Sky: Roy’s Journey, while the characters will cycle through Roy, Alen, Lance, Lilina, Narcian, Guinevere and Zephiel.

Disclaimer: The schedule may change without warning.

From there, things get a little murky as the songs and characters cycle back to the beginning. That probably means they haven’t planned that far ahead yet. However, we continued digging and found additional characters that will be featured.

At the time of writing, we haven’t discovered any more games or characters. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be featured–chances are, they are scheduled for much later and thus their images don’t exist on the servers yet.

By the way, since there are 48 weeks and not enough games, there’s a good chance they’ll add more characters from already confirmed games. So if you’re wondering why Eliwood and Hector are absent, they’ll probably be featured in their own weeks.

Another cool thing is that the “Fire Emblem World” logo on the front page changes to match the game. Above is the logo for when Thracia 776 is the game of the week.

Anyway, we’ve included all the images we found below. Maybe you’ll find some use out of them?

Random observations: Cordelia is the only character whose Japanese name is used in the file name. Also, someone completely misnamed Caeda’s file…


Found some more info!

Perhaps it’s not a big surprise, but Heroes will be among the featured games. The confirmed characters include: Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Veronica, Bruno and Gunnthrá.

At the time of writing, we couldn’t find the 7th character, but–judging from the mismatched filenames–it could be Fjorm.

Update 2

Indeed, Fjorm is the 7th featured character from Heroes. For some reason, in the PC display, her filename was swapped with Gunnthrá–who’s file also uses her Japanese name of Slidr.

Finally, in case you were wondering, Three Houses is planned to be a featured game at some point in time. Currently, there’s no retrievable data–if there was, we’d be very surprised!

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