Heroes: Version 3.1 Update Now Available!

The first major post-3.0 update is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Load up the game to begin downloading the Version 3.1 Update for access to the newest changes. If Heroes does not download the update automatically, you can grab it manually from the Play Store or App Store.

Most notably, Version 3.1 provides support for a new type of hero: Beast Heroes, which will be arriving tomorrow in the Rulers of the Laguz banner. We also get updates to Legendary and Mythic Effects and some AR changes. Additionally, four heroes can make use of new Weapon Refinery Updates.

Read more below for further details and other small changes.

Beast Units

Five Beast units will be arriving in Heroes shortly, with more likely on the way. Beast units have some new mechanics that are different from other unit types currently in Heroes. Specifically, they can transform at the beginning of the Player Phase, so long as they are not adjacent to a “human” ally.

Human allies are any units that are not Breath wielders or other Beasts. Characters that are canonically Manaketes but do not wield dragonstones (for example, Halloween Nowi, who wields a red tome) count as humans for the sake of this mechanic.

Transformed Beasts gain stat boosts and can also move an additional tile, similar to how transformed Laguz work in the Tellius games! We’ll get to see them in action soon with the Rulers of the Laguz banner tomorrow and Naesala’s GHB the day after.

Legendary/Mythic Effects and AR changes

Legendary and Mythic Effects are getting a bit of a boost to make each one more useful in the other’s mode. Before Version 3.1, Legendary blessings mostly affected Arena with Mythic blessings affecting Aether Raids. Neither one had any value in the opposing game mode.

Now, Legendary heroes will receive the Mythic bonuses when deployed with an appropriate Mythic hero in AR, so long as the season matches both of their types. Similarly, Mythic heroes can get the Legendary bonuses in the Arena under the same conditions.

To accommodate this change, Arena and Aether Raid seasons will now both begin on the same day, so the blessing schedules always converge. The current Aether Raid season has been extended another day to sync them both up.

Additionally, there are a few other updates for Aether Raids. You can now upgrade the Aether Fountain, Catapult (O), and Catapult (D) one more level each. Auto Setup has also been optimized further.

Because of these changes, once you upgrade to Version 3.1, you will no longer be able to watch Defense replays from players still on version 3.0.1.

Weapon Refinery Updates

Four new heroes are all getting weapon upgrades in the Weapon Refinery!

First up is Tailtiu, who gets a brand new unique tome, the Tome of Thoron. This tome, as well as Seliph‘s Tyrfing, Deirdre‘s Divine Naga, and Julia‘s Naga can also be further upgraded in the Weapon Refinery! Check out their upgrades and special refines below.

  • Tailtiu: Tome of Thoron:
    • At start of turn, if unit’s HP is 75% and unit’s attack triggers Special, grants Special cooldown count-1, and deals +10 damage when special triggers.
    • Special Refine: If unit initiates combat, grants Spd+6 during combat.
  • Seliph: Tyrfing:
    • At start of combat, if unit’s HP ≥ 50%, grants: “If unit’s HP > 1 and foe would reduce unit’s HP to 0, unit survives with 1 HP. (Once per combat. Does not stack.)”
    • Special Refine: If unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Def+6 during combat.
  • Deirdre: Divine Naga:
    • Effective against dragon foes. Neutralizes foe’s bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat, and disables foe’s skills that “calculate damage using the lower of foe’s Def or Res.”
    • Special Refine: At start of combat, if unit’s Res foe’s Res+3, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 during combat.
  • Julia: Naga:
    • Effective against dragon foes. If foe initiates combat, grants Def/Res+4 during combat.
    • Special Refine: In combat against a dragon foe, disables foe’s skills that “calculate damage using the lower of foe’s Def or Res” and “calculate damage from staff like other weapons,” and unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range.

In addition to the unique refines, each weapon can also get the standard Mt/Spd/Def/Res refines.

Miscellaneous Updates
  • Azura: Young Songstress and Gharnef: Dark Pontifex are now available f or purchase with Heroic Grails.
  • The sprites for Brave Veronica and Loki in the Catalog of Heroes are updated to include their proper weapons.
  • Full screen displays issues on the iPad Pro have been fixed.

NOTE: If you’re looking for the Merge Allies update, that’s not expected to go live until the next major update, Version 3.2, which will go live sometime in February.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Brave Lady Lyn

    So Tailtu’s tome has a wrath effect with a darting blow effect not bad.

    • 3-13 Archer

      To me it pales in comparison to Deirdre’s and Julia’s (now are on the Ultimate Dragon Counter team along with Alm and LMarth). I think I’ll stick with her rain tome capable of OHKO when used with tactics and waves.

      • Brave Lady Lyn

        Well Julia definitely got the best out of all of them Close counter against dragon units negates their ‘targets lowest def/res’ and other staff users wrathful effect rip.

        • Mason Klaus

          I’d say Seliph got a good refine too not as great as his sister’s but still pretty good. I mean innate Miracle AND ATK/DEF Bond? Yes please, his defense is really good if he’s +DEF and his attack while not great is decent and that ATK/DEF Bond refine just makes him a defensive monster almost on par with the armors as well as gives him more killing potential. And even though it’ll only kick in once per fight, Miracle means you can heal him back to full if your healer is still hanging around.

  • Bongo Beans

    I had to refine Julia’s Naga – one of the first 5* units to turn up for me, she is still the first green mage I turn to despite the powercreep!

  • I’m a little disappointed Tiltyu will lose the blade effect, but these changes are not entirely bad. I could run a +atk one rather than the +spd one I’m currently using, so I’m glad I don’t have her at +10 yet.

    • mrkisukes

      She basically saw how good her niece was and took a page out of her book. I’d say this was a net improvement.

      • The more I look at it the more I’m starting to think that it’s overall even better than Mjölnir. Getting rid of the +1 cooldown crap from her previous weapon means she can fire off more Glimmers, meaning it can trigger every round of combat due to her crazy speed. The wrath also helps patching up the loss of damage from her blade tome.

        • mrkisukes

          And with her refine, Swift Sparrow and a +Spd IV, she’ll have a 48 initiating Spd unmerged, which combos really nicely with Flashing Blade. So she could probably go with Luna instead for a higher damage output.

          • I’ve actually used Flashing Blade on her for some time now in order to deal with the higher cooldown, but now it’s going to be even better. I like the idea of Luna so that’s something to try out for sure. Once I get a +atk one I’ll probably roll with that though, since I feel like she already has sufficient speed. Here’s my +6 one for reference.


          • mrkisukes

            That’s a scary build, it’ll for sure be a nuisance to deal with in ARs, especially if you do mind games with the lightning traps to trick attackers into triggering it and getting trapped with her all Wrath and Desperation ready.

          • Don’t give me any ideas lol. If I use your Swift Sparrow suggestion, I should be able to run a +res build as well, since that would place her at a fairly solid 32-33 with the merges. She could utilise it as she wouldn’t be doubled, but I’m not sure I’d sacrifice her attack or speed for that.

  • speedster

    The localization team made a mistake. “calculate damage from staff like other weapons” is non-existent in the Japanese version of the game. Gues they copy pasted Mystic Boost

    • Kirie

      I was wondering if that was a mistake, because it didn’t seem to make much sense. I guess they’ll fix it up soon.