Heroes: Grand Hero Battle: Naesala Now Live!

The next special battle event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Pit your strongest team against Grand Hero Battle: Naesala in a fight against the Raven King himself.

As usual, Naesala’s battle is available in three difficulties: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. You’ll get a 3★ Naesala from the Hard map and 4★ copies from Lunatic and Infernal. You also get a bonus 2,000 Hero Feathers on Infernal! Take a look below for Naesala’s Infernal stats and skills, and also a look at the Infernal map layout.

Naesala is only our fifth Beast unit, and the first free one besides. He also seems to be a very useful hero! His unique weapon, Raven King Beak, deals bonus damage based Spd. He also comes with the popular skill Swift Sparrow, as well as Blazing Wing and Guard. He’ll be an interesting and useful addition to any players barracks.

Grand Hero Battle: Naesala will be available for a bit over a week, ending on 20 January.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • 3-13 Archer

    Them stats… Well, at least there’s a character I’ll get for sure. And F2P access to swift sparrow!

  • mrkisukes

    And just like how both PoR and RD were stupidly easy games, this GHB was also really easy.

    • speedster

      PoR, yes. That’s due to localization changes, but yes.
      RD, no. RD has some of the worst and most infuriating map design in the series causing it to have a frustrating difficulty.

      • mrkisukes

        I just low man the game with juggernauts and the laguz nobles make the endgame a joke. Granted RD was the first in a line of FE games to use over bloated enemy stats as a supplement for difficult map design that would last through the DS remakes and cap off with Awakening. Though the most frustrating thing I found in RD was the removal of mechanics on hard mode like seeing the danger zone.

        But yes, it did have some really stupid or boring maps…like all of Part II was boring, and the Part III Micaiah chapters were stupid, which is why juggernauts are actually necessary for her team cause they’re mostly just swarm chapters and anyone not a juggernaut gets too easily overwhelmed. I usually went with Edward and Jill, on normal I’m able to get one of them to a 3rd tier by the end of Part I. Hard mode not so much due to the severe EXP nerf and the necessity of EXP spreading early on.

        • Wait what? You say FE10 has inflated stats, but it’s nothing like the cancer that Awakening or SD’s 3-5* HMs presented. The challenge in FE10 was designed intrinsically no matter what difficulty you were playing on, which is far more than you can say for either of those two games.

          • mrkisukes

            I didn’t say that the DS games and Awakening weren’t worse, they are by far the worse in how they handled difficulty. I simply said that RD started that trend where it was capped off by the biggest offender in Awakening.

          • I’m not really sure what you’re referring to. If you’re talking about Hard mode, that is objectively trash since its changes to the weapon triangle and UI elements only served to inconvenience the player than challenge them. But I think that due to the maps being as tightly built as they are, they used this as an alternate way of increasing the difficulty. The enemy stats are certainly not too inflated because if they were, adding such a strict challenge through stats would’ve left the game close to impossible to win due to RNG. Compared to Awakening’s boring maps where they threw massive stats on everything to simulate difficulty, RD’s challenge is directly scaleable through each of the difficulty modes. It has amongst the lowest replayability of all FE games, but the gameplay itself is very engrossing.

          • mrkisukes

            It’s been a while since I’ve played RD hard mode, so I might be mistaken about the over bloated stats, but I do remember it being stupid.