Heroes: New Tap Battle – Kingdom of Nohr, and Legendary Azura buffs incoming

Illusory Dungeon has been updated! The new Tap Battle: Kingdom of Nohr features, as you may guess, Heroes and music from the Kingdom of Nohr.

Rhythmically or furiously tap your way through 100 floors and three extra stages throughout the event to earn yourself rewards, including Orbs and new accessories to deck out your Heroes!

Additionally, there are daily quests as the event is running so you can earn yourself some extra Feathers and Badges.

The event begins today, and will end on the 7th of February, 6:59AM UTC.

Also confirmed earlier today: an in-game bug related to the most recent Legendary Hero – Azura: Vallite Songstress.

The bug occurs when when a player uses Legendary Azura’s movement assist skill (e.g. Sing/Gray Waves), has her weapon Prayer Wheel equipped, and has support animations set to “off” in the settings menu.

Basically, when support animations are “on,” any abilities that grants stats to units (e.g. Earth Dance 3, which grants +5 Def to units) are applied after the extra action is granted to the unit. This means that the unit receives +5 Def from Earth Dance 3 yet will not receive +5 to Atk/Spd/Res. This is the intended outcome.

However, when support animations are set to “off,” the +5 Def from Earth Dance is applied before the extra action is granted. This means that Prayer Wheel will also grant +5 Atk/Spd/Res. This is unintentional.

In an “update planned for February,” the bugged, unintended outcome of this scenario will become standard. In other words, the Prayer Wheel will interact with buffs that are given as a result of granting an extra action, regardless of whether support animations are off or on. Which effectively buffs the usability of Legendary Azura.

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    I don’t get why anyone would object to that Azura change. Creativity should not be punished by slapping away the ideas, it should be encouraged.