Sounds of Fire Emblem from Cipher Festival – Galeforce CD

The legendary “Cavalier Duo” strikes again! Fire Emblem composers Hiroki Morishita and Takeru Kanazaki have once again put together a stellar album based on their Cipher Festival performances. This Galeforce CD contains a selection of songs from throughout the Fire Emblem series performed by the duo.

Unfortunately for international fans, the Galeforce CD was only available at Comiket 95 this past December. However, I was able to get my hands on a copy thanks to a friend in Japan. Scroll on down below for some more photos and information. You can also to listen to the tracks for yourself!

The Cavalier Duo

The Cavalier Duo is made up of two composers, Hiroki Morishita as the Red Cavalier, and Takeru Kanazaki as the Green. Both have been working as part of the Fire Emblem music team for a number of years.

The pair worked together on the music for Fates. Additionally, Morishita worked on Awakening and Heroes, while Kanazaki was involved with the music for Echoes.

Furthermore, they’ve both performed together at various Cipher events throughout the years as the Cavalier Duo. With Morishita on piano and Kanazaki on guitar, they’ve made some beautiful duet remixes of a number of Fire Emblem songs.

The Galeforce CD is the second recorded collection of their work together. For reference, their first CD was “Horse and Man as One”, which we looked at around two years ago.

Galeforce CD

The cover of the CD features the CD title along with cute chibi artwork of Cain and Abel, representing the cavaliers. The bottom text says ソシアルナイト, which reads as “Social Knight”, the Japanese term for Cavalier. The backside of the CD contains a track listing.

The top of the CD itself repeats the title and also includes the cavaliers once again, this time in gold. The background shows symbols of all of the different factions to represent different games in Cipher. The inside of the booklet repeats the track listing and also contains a message in Japanese. Behind the CD contains more Cipher faction symbols.

For those who can’t read Japanese, here’s the full track list:

  1. Return to Nifl – Heroes
  2. Those Who Dare to Change History – New Mystery of the Emblem
  3. Conquest (Ablaze) – Awakening
  4. Distant Roads – The Sacred Stones
  5. Chapter 10: Light and Dark (Side Battle) – Genealogy of the Holy War & Path of Radiance
  6. World Map Chapter 3 (Liberation Battle: Each Road) – Gaiden
  7. Chapter 2: Disturbance in Agustria – Genealogy of the Holy War
  8. Winds Across the Plains – Blazing Blade
  9. Final Chapter: The Final Holy War – Genealogy of the Holy War
  10. Leif’s Army in Search of Victory: Base – Thracia 776
  11. Gear up For… – Heroes

At the bottom of this post, you can take a listen to the songs for yourself!

Those who get their hands on the CD also get a copy of Cipher promo cards. These cards for Cain and Abel feature the same artwork of the Cavalier Duo from the CD cover, joined as one art piece.

The Cavalier Duo will hopefully be performing further concerts in the future. This year’s Cipher Festival is later in the year than usual, so we don’t have any firm details quite yet.

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      Right click on the title of the song you want, then click “open in new tab”

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