Heroes: Surprise FEH Channel Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Drops News on Upcoming Events

I’ll bet you were probably just as surprised as I was, to not hear anything about an upcoming FEH Channel for Fire Emblem Heroes’ 2nd anniversary. The only thing that managed to surprise me more, was the surprise drop of the FEH Channel video, just a short while ago.

FEH describes in her video, an immediate teaser of incoming Bonus Orbs (by Log-In Bonus), Orb Reward Maps and Double EXP/SP events. This much was likely expected, but some other not-so-expected bits of news came in the form of an Aether Raids Update, two sets of Daily Summoning Events, a Special Heroes Summoning Event and a new website-based mini game, Find & Vote Heroes.

Check out the Japanese video here.

For starters, there will be two batches of Special Heroes Summoning Events, operating from February 1 through February 8, and February 8 – February 15.  The first will include the entirety of all Special Heroes released prior to February 2018 (including Heroes such as Bridal!Cordelia and Performing Arts!Azura) , and the second will include Special Heroes released after February 2018 (including Heroes such as Valentine’s!Lyn and Summer!Cordelia).




There will also be Daily Summoning Events, bringing in previous-running Banners, once per day, from February 1 until February 12.


Next up, is the Find & Vote Heroes website minigame, in which you can select a Color (Red, Blue, Green or Colorless), and then pick a unit in which you’d like to vote for by playing a simple minigame in which you locate your hero of choice across a stationary scrollable map.

This is similar to the previous vote-off, which provided Summoners with a free Legendary!Ike last year.

Additionally, if you find Alfonse, Sharena and Anna within 3 minutes, your once-per-day vote will count for two.

A special mobile Wallpaper will also be rewarded to those quick enough to earn it. Heroes released prior to January 2019 will be available for vote, and this will run from February 3 – February 8. No site has been posted yet for Summoners to preview.

Following that, comes news on the 2nd Anniversary Heroes Summoning Event. This one will operate much like the previous Choose Your Legends events, in which Summoners get one free pick of the chosen Hero of each type (color), and then all four will be available as Focus units within a standard summoning event. It all runs from February 24 – March 3.

An in-between tidbit of information, showcases that your Homescreen can be updated to look like this.

Quite possibly the biggest bit of news comes in the form of Dragonflowers. Dragonflowers come in four colors, and relate to a Heroes’ Movement Type, rather than their color or weapon type. Units can receive up to 5 Dragonflowers, and for each Dragonflower provided, a +1 stat boost will be applied to a single stat.

This will allow +1 to all stats (as you cannot apply the boost to a stat of your choice, and this will inevitably boost all stats by 1 due to the game’s formula, once per Dragonflower spent.

Infantry units released until Now can be boosted an additional 5 times, providing up to +2 to all stats.

These will not be present in Arena matches.

How will you obtain these? You’ll need to participate in Heroic Ordeals. These are battles accessible in Story Maps, and allow you to participate in a map specifically designed for each Hero receiving the bonus. It looks like you can bring up to two Heroes, but one of them must be the Hero meant to receive the Dragonflower. That Hero needs to defeat at least two enemies in order to receive the completion bonus of Dragonflowers, and of course, these can only be done once, per unit. How else can you obtain these?

Aether Raids, of course! Aether Raids is receiving an update, changing a few things in some big ways. Aether required for battles will be halved going forward, and will also cap at 50, allowing Summoners to participate in more daily AR battles. Speaking of battles, the Tiering system has been increased, bumping the amount of tiers up from 21 to 27 (with a Reset back to Tier 21 at the end of each Season for Summoners in Tier 22 or higher. As I eluded, Dragonflowers will be available as rewards in the new Aether Raids tiering system.


Finally, perhaps the most universally appreciated news will come in the way of Merge boosts. Units with ‘Flaws’ (a detrimental stat, in leiu of a boosted stat) will at a +1 merge, have their flaw completely offset by a boost. If your unit lacks a Flaw, such as Grand Hero Battle units, will receive +1 to their three highest stats (ties in stats will be applied based on its higher position on a stat list, HP>Str>Spd>Def>Res).

Futhermore, dataminers may have discovered something eluding to coloring Assets/Flaws for unit stats in unit profiles. Time will tell, but it’s something to think about.

A side note, but one worth noting…Feh finally got to eat her cake this time around.

If that wasn’t a satisfying FEH Channel update, I’m not sure what is!

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  • Kemo Allen

    That Dragon Flower update rewards people who use a variety of units. Now I’m salty I sacked the likes of Tobin and Canas.

  • mrkisukes

    Really disappointed in this anniversary celebration, it felt more like a standard FEH channel with the only difference being some randomly assignment 5* heroes. For the longest time IS was only drip feeding us content updates, and I was ok with that so long as the anniversary made up for things by being big…guess that’s not the case. If IS isn’t going to make the necessary changes in any kind of timely manner, then that reveals them to not care for the player base in any way beyond the abusive relationship they’ve tricked players into being content with.

  • Sentinel

    Dragonflowers look interesting, and I like the Aether Raid changes. Good channel overall.

  • Sisyphe

    Dragonflowers are pretty cool. I appreciate anything that promotes hero versatility and isn’t necessarily geared toward PvP, but my fear is that we’ll get them in really small quantities, like every other resource they give us (I don’t know about everyone else, but I have almost 1000 grails right now, which seems altogether too few since it takes around 2200 to +10 one unit from that pool).

    And the changes to Aether Raids don’t really seem like they’ll going to be that beneficial. I’m up to tier 19 so far, which means I’m seeing 6-hero defense teams, and it’s kind of a slog. It’s a lot of Ophelias with charged specials positioned at the end of a narrow corridors backed by Reinhardt/Veronica/etc. and 1-2 dancers. And I haven’t even seen Duma yet.

    Happy enough about the free units (grabbed a Lissa, whom I’ve wanted for a while) and orbs as anybody, but I feel like we’re getting to the point where we need something more.

    • mrkisukes

      Another problem with the Dragonflower is that I feel like they’re trying to address a balance issue by allowing infantry to go up to +10, but that’s not going to fix things. The real problem is the powercrept BST between old and new units. Most units of all unit types have the majority of their older heroes unviable. So heroes like Beruka, Abel, or Ceada need an extra boost to help them out, but will not be getting it while heroes like L!Ike and Ophelia who do not need the help…but will be getting it. So it already looks like they fucked up with this new feature already because they’re that detached from the player base.

      It sounds like all IS did was look at the feedback for AR’s first week back when everyone was still having fun and still wanted more tries. The real problem with AR is that it’s plagued by either the team comps you mentioned or teams built to stall the 7 turn time limit. If they really want to fix the system, they need to put limitation on what the defense team can be made up of. If Relay Defense squads are limited to only 1 dancer/singer, why not AR? Also, remove the 7 turn time limit, or extend it to 10 or 12 turns to make stalling tactics unviable and severely decreasing Surtr’s stronghold in the meta….cause fuck Surtr.

      I got myself a Tharja, so now she’s +3 and +Atk.

      • Sisyphe

        Yeah, you make really good points. They probably should’ve allowed you to use dragonflowers on units based on their BST tier. Like “first generation” units having lower BSTs than later units. Or they could just spot pick which units it applies to like they seem to be doing with weapon refines.

        I personally don’t see as many stall teams and don’t struggle with them as much, but I think your point still stands. Of course, we know why they do this. As it is now, losing 80 lift per day (with a defense loss) with the ability to gain only 200 if you’re really fortunate and don’t draw any of the combinations we’ve mentioned, it will still be very hard to improve after a while. They clearly want to make it so you more or less need mythic heroes and merges to boost your lift, because that makes them money. In that sense I suppose it’s not much different than the ceiling in arena.

  • Big Klingy

    Wanted Performing Arts Azura, got Summer Xander. Sigh.

  • 3-13 Archer

    Seems good, but I still must complain about the number of 5* exclusives being too high in comparison with the total number of units. For each new banner, they only demote one and the seasonals are always kept at 5*, even when they’re literally trash. Besides, the chances of pulling a 5* are too low and Leo and Mist are still haunting the pool.

    • Sisyphe

      The whole pool is honestly too big. What they need to do (in addition to demoting some more units) is start cutting it for each banner. Each banner should have only a portion of the non-focus 3*,4*, and 5*. It would encourage people to pull where they might not otherwise. Like, I might pull on these really boring BHB banners if they also included a smaller 4* pool that allowed me a greater chance at Reyson or Nowi at 4* (whereas they wouldn’t appear at all on other banners).

      • 3-13 Archer

        Yeah, that sounds good enough. I can’t help but thinking that my chances of pulling Reinhardt or Soren (I have a total of 4 and 8 respectively) are lower than getting Jagens or Arthurs (I don’t know how many full merged I could have if I cared) . I just got my first Libra yesterday, and I’ve been pulling for greens on some banners.

  • 100%B-Type

    Got 2 Greens and 3 Colorless = NY!Azura~ Finally my 2nd Azura!

  • James Richardson III

    Why does the special banner disappear after the first summon?

    • mrkisukes

      Cause you only get 1 free summon that’s a guaranteed 5*. A second banner with 2018’s seasonal alts will show up next week that does the same thing.